Suko walks off his final high school football field a champion

WHEATLAND – Not many athletes can walk off a high school football field their final time with a victory, but Adam Suko, a 2021 graduate of Wheatland High School, can add that accomplishment to his ever-growing resume.

“It was fun and it was exciting,” Suko said as he told about the experience that few chosen seniors in the state of Wyoming can talk about. “I think the north has won way more than the south, but this year we beat the north 34-32.”

In 48 years, the south has only won 18 times and they had not won this all-star game since 2012. This year’s south team scored the sixth-highest point total in south team history and Suko gives an indication as to why.

“I think we had a lot more unity than the north team,” Suko said. “We all got along so well together and the chemistry was so good. We were always laughing and teasing each other and encouraging one another.”

The South team fell behind early, 14-0 and it looked like the north would win again. The south would have none of that defeatism or discouragement and went on a rampage until the fourth quarter and then held the line.

“We did a lot of practicing that week,” Suko said. “Other than the hour they gave us for meals, we would spend the nights and do different activities together. One night we went to the movies, another night we went bowling and then we also had a casino night.  On Friday it was media day, so it was pretty exciting leading up to the game.”

Suko, who was a standout running back at Wheatland and is heading to Chadron State College in Nebraska in the fall was placed at cornerback for the Shrine Bowl.

“I’ve never played that position before, but I think I did really well,” Suko said. “The fourth quarter was a real challenge as they were behind and were throwing passes downfield.”

Suko said that to walk off the field with a victory in his final high school football game was exciting and fulfilling. 

“It was also an honor,” he said.

Suko, who was supposed to have surgery to repair a stress fracture in his foot, postponed the surgery so he could play baseball with the Lobos this summer and participate in the Shrine Bowl. The surgery is one he will have to have, but he’s been playing full bore with the fracture. A testament to his toughness and his resiliency.

“We’ll see what happens at Chadron this fall,” he said. “If they redshirt me, I will have the surgery this fall, but if not, I will look to next spring when I won’t be out for any sports. They tell me the recovery time is about three months.”

Although playing hurt, he never gives his enemy the opportunity to see him limp or complain or quit. He leaves an impeccable legacy as he departs from the athletic fields of Wheatland.


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