Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings still seeking first victory

Kolten Weinkauf has been the leading ground gainer for Guernsey-Sunrise High School this season. Although the Vikings are still looking for their first touchdown, Weinkauf has been a hard-nosed runner for the team.

GUERNSEY – The Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings faced a tough Saratoga team last Friday night and came out on the bottom end of a 76-0 score.

The Vikings have not only been facing bigger and more experienced teams, but have watched as their bench has been stacked with fresh players while the Guernsey-Sunrise bench has only three. When starter and the most experienced player, Aidan Noggle was injured in the Pine Bluffs game, the depletion was even more devastating.

The boys are taking it as a character building and learning season and there are no heads hanging on the field or in the locker room.

“We're improving,” said head coach Curtis Cook who works feverishly to keep the morale up on a team facing this kind of brutal adversity. “We're starting to make reads in the passing game, we're starting to come down hill defensively. We're seeing progress but we need to accelerate that improvement as much as we can.”

The Vikings will travel to Southeast Friday for a 1 p.m. game. Southeast is 3-1 coming into the game.


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