Amy Copsey adds three more medals to her collection

Guernsey’s Special Olympian Amy Copsey added three more medals to her collection this past weekend in Special Olympic competition.

WHEATLAND – Amy Copsey, Guernsey’s Special Olympian champion added three more awards to her impressive total of medals this past weekend at Special Olympic competition in Wheatland.

Thirty years ago, Copsey had an impressive string of victories that won her 51 medals in various sports as a Special Olympian. At 50 years of age, Copsey is making a comeback.

This past weekend Copsey took a first-place award for softball skills, first-place for basketball skills and a second-place in the 200-meter run. The Special Olympics is celebrating its 50th year and it also happens that Copsey is 50 years old.

Copsey began training for basketball in April with her new team in Wheatland and she is excited at the comeback. A gifted athlete, Copsey competed in many different sports in Special Olympics, from basketball to track, shotput, bowling, skating, swimming and softball throw. She is a gifted athlete and says that she has no favorite sport, but she loves them all.

And through it all has been Copsey’s sister, Lori Morales. She said that growing up with a special needs child was like having God put an angel in their home. Morales has supported Copsey every step of her life and also with her Special Olympics career.

Last week as a show of love and support, Copsey participated in the Wyoming Special Olympian’s Jackalope Jump that was held at the Little Res in Wheatland. In single-digit wind chills jumpers, walkers and divers all took the plunge into ice water through a hole in the ice cut by the Wheatland fire department. The event raised over $4,000 for Special Olympics.

“About a month ago I saw it advertised,” Morales said. “Two years ago, I had seen Special Olympians here in Wyoming and I talked to my mom about getting Amy back involved. Then life kind of got in the way and we didn’t get her signed up for anything. When I saw it advertised, I knew that I had always wanted to do a jump and always wanted to get Amy back involved. It was perfect timing, so we just went for it.”

As a Jackalope Jump participant you go and gather donations for Special Olympics. Amy said that she would gladly do that and she collected most donations from an individual, collecting over $1,000. Since there is no SO chapter in Guernsey, Copsey will be practicing in Wheatland under head coach and Special Olympic coordinator Kayla Dial Robinett and the assistant coach is Cassidy Kirlin. Morales will travel to Wheatland to connect with the team and go to meets as well.

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