New grill adds a southwest flair to restaurant

WHEATLAND – Last year Myrle Ingle created a combination steamer/smoker that produces sausage, brisket and chicken that has a flavor and tenderness not seen in many barbecue restaurants.

This year, he has invented a new grill which adds a southwest flair to the already popular eating establishment.

For some people who have found the quirky, out-of-the-way weekend barbecue restaurant that is just five minutes from the I-25 corridor, the comment most used is “addicting.”

People stand in line and usually cause the restaurant to sell out long before business hours are over leaving hungry patrons only the satisfaction of smelling the delicious “what we missed,” and the immediate scheduling to call in their orders for the next time.

“The grill I am creating is a combination of an Argentine grill and a Santa Maria grill, but with a twist,” Ingle said. “For thick tri-tips, the grill will drop the meat really close to the coals so you get your sear. It’s a big flat cut of meat. The grill then raises the meat up so it finishes cooking at a lower temperature so it’s tender.”

Ingle, who realizes that competition is heating up in the local epicurean market, has just added something that nobody else has and remains ahead of the barbecue game as to innovative cooking of the meat.

The base of the grill is perlite cement so that the metal base of the grill will not rust out. The grill has the wood fire box on one side and as the oak Ingle uses breaks down into the coals, the hot coal is shoveled to the actual cooking box under the metal grates. 

“It’s going to be live fire,” he said. “So, whether it’s fish, hamburgers or whatever I cook, it will be on an open fire. This is the combination as I’ve said, but instead of having the entire grill enclosed, it is open, so you can easily shovel the coals into the cooking area from the fire box.”

Ingles said that in the event a new barbecue place should open up, he feels he can still beat them on flavor due to his steamer/smoker, but he is five miles out of town.  

“With the Santa Maria along with the barbecue smoker, I now have an advantage and can cook T-bones, fish, lobster, ribeye, and even vegetables on the open fire.”

Ingle who is heading back to work for the next six months in the Texas oil fields is sad because he can not be home for the first big event of the year which is a televised state-wide cutting contest which will be held at his indoor arena.

His wife, Birgit has been schooled in the art of the cooking and also, they have successfully trained more staff to pick up the slack during the busy events.


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