Class of 2018 meets class of 2030...

GUERNSEY--Sometimes the most important things can be very simply stated.  Sometimes less is more...if you pay attention.  That’s what the Guernsey-Sunrise Kindergarten class--the future Class of 2030--had in mind when they were asked to each offer a simple piece of advice for each of this year’s graduating seniors. 

On Wednesday, May 16, the senior class got to hear those ideas as they gathered in their final hour of school and listen as each of the kindergarten students read those gems to the seniors.

Dressed in caps and gowns following graduation ceremony rehearsal, the seniors sat in a semi-circle in front of the main stage, now occupied by the Class of 2030. 

One by one, each read aloud their piece of advice to the seniors.   

When that was complete, the seniors also read pieces of advice they wrote for the kindegartners; bits of 18-year old wisdom to help them through their next 12 years of school. 

When both groups had finished enlightening the other, they gathered on the stage for one more photo op--the seniors pulled off their bright yellow stoles and placed them around the necks of the kindergartners as cameras and cell phones captured the rare opportunity. 

If either group learned anything, that remains to be seen but the connection between the two was unmistakable. 

Stepping out from the security of home and school and a routine that’s been in effect for many years is a big one that every senior class encounters. 

And as the Class of 2018 prepares to cross that threshold, the words of a kindergartner may just be the thing that gets them through it.

Here's what the kindergartner's told the seniors:

1.  Carter S.:

“Be careful when you go to the Army.”   

2.  Kinsley O.:

“Make good choices!”      

3.  Leah K.:

“Keep your hands to yourself.”

4.  Logan N.

“Be careful of wild anamlles.”

5.  Zayden M.:

“Go get a job!”

6.  Aiden E.:

“ Do not do bad things!”

7.  Daren H.

“Do not do bad things even if there is not a techrer looking.”

8.  NeVaeh I.:

“Be a good frind!  Have a grat life!  Take care of injured pets!  Be careful of driving.”

9.  Kord P.:

“Follow the rules and instructions!”

10.  Cruz D.

“Do not follow strangers.”

11.  Madelyn H.

“You shood be a vet.”

12.  Titus:

“Give your mom and dad hugs and kisses!”

13.  Carl G.

“Work with your team!”

And the seniors shared the following with the kindergartners

(not individually credited):

1.  “Be creative.”

2.  “Never give up.”

3.  “Never shake a hand sitting down.”

4.  “Get a job.”

5.  “Make friends.”

6.  “Be yourself.”

7.  “Be safe, have fun.”

8.  “Exercise.”

9.  “P.T. all day every day.”

10.  “Respect your elders.”


12.  “Save your money.”

13.  “Never stop learning.”

14.  “Don’t make mistakes.”

15.  “Make mistakes.”

16.  “Learn to be good at change.”

17.  “Be a leader.”

18.  “Ask for help.”

19.  “Wave the red, white and blue.”

20.  “Be proud to be a VIKING!”


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