4-H members recognized for achievements

Libby Logan, left, and Larissa Chamberlain, right, along with an unidentified Wheatland member, center, are shown during the award presentation ceremonies.

GUERNSEY—Few parents have managed to escape hearing their kids utter the infamous and dreaded words “There’s nothing to do.”
While it may just be something kids say when they believe they’re bored, there are a fair number local young people fwho seem to be busy an awful lot of the time. It’s even represented in their self-chosen name and the best part is that any kid can be a Go-Getter!
With another year of work and competition complete, the Guernsey area Go-Getters 4-H club attended the county’s annual 4-H Achievement Awards Night held at the Platte County 4-H Building in Wheatland on Saturday, November 3rd.
Now the largest youth development organization, 4-H was founded by A. B. Graham in Clark County, Ohio in 1902. Although it originally focused on agricultural-related issues and new farming techniques, the program has expanded substantially into many areas of interest and involves youth in rural, urban and suburban communities in every state across the nation.
That was evident at the awards ceremony as members of the Go-Getters Club claimed proficiency in a number of categories.
Awardees in the Shooting Sports categories included:

Champion Intermediate Archery-Class A: Libby Logan

Reserve Champion Senior Archery-Class B: Larissa Chamberlain

Champion Junior Archery-Class C: Emma Stoneking

Reserve Champion Intermediate Archery-Class D: William Knowlton

Champion Intermediate Air Rifle-Light Target: Libby Logan

Reserve Champion Intermediate Air Rifle-Light Target: William Knowlton

Reserve Champion Intermediate Air Rifle-Sporter: Tracy Chamberlain

Champion Intermediate Air Pistol: Libby Logan

Reserve Champion Intermediate Air Pistol: William Knowlton
Champion Intermediate .22 Rifle-Light Target: Libby Logan

Reserve Champion Intermediate .22 Rifle-Light Target: William Knowlton

Champion Senior .22 Rifle-Sporter: Larissa Chamberlain

Champion Intermediate .22 Pistol: Libby Logan

Reserve Champion Intermediate .22 Pistol: William Knowlton

Reserve Champion Senior .22 Pistol: Larissa Chamberlain

Champion Intermediate Shotgun: William Knowlton

Champion Intermediate Muzzle Loading: William Knowlton

Recognition for Best “My Story”: Ned Nelson

Gold Achievement Recognition for at least one enrolled project, club meeting participation, completed project requirements and submission of a Portfolio Record Book: Ned Nelson, Joey Noganosh, William Knowlton, Sarah Watson, Sarina Lambert

Silver Achievement Recognition for at least one enrolled project, club meeting participation, and submission of project completion sheet: Kali Lema, Libby Logan

Membership Recognition for completing all paperwork and participation at some point during the year: Larissa Chamberlain, Tracy Chamberlain, Kierstyn Collar, TyLinn Cooper, Afton Kelley, Tasha Lambert, Alyanna Mansfield, Victoria Sierra, Emma Stoneking, Macoyia Stoneking, Tate Stoneking, Katelynn Thompson, Freedom Whitebird and Liberty Whitebird.

First Year Members: Larissa Chamberlain, Tracy Chamberlain, Afton Kelley, Alyanna Mansfield, Victoria Sierra, Sarah Watson
Third Year Members: Rainey Anderson-Parker, Kierstyn Collar

Fifth Year Members: Sarina Lambert, Kali Lema, Libby Logan, Macoyia Stoneking, Tate Stoneking.
William Knowlton was selected for the year’s 4-H Member Community Service Award. This award is for members who have demonstrated any of the following: Participated in a number of community service projects, is community service minded, encourages others to participate in community service projects. Knowlton was chosen due to his consistent willingness to help, be it hauling tables for Bingo, judging at the horse show, or his participation in his club. According to his nominations, he is always willing to show up, help and is always polite.
Macoyia Stoneking was selected for this year’s 4-H Member Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for demonstrating celebration for the success of others along with her own, keeping her chin up even when things were not always going her way, and sharing the spirit and excitement of 4-H throughout the year. She has shown sportsmanship and true character through her efforts in 4-H. According to her nominations, she has a passion for teaching and mentoring others, and is proud when members she has helped or taught are successful, even if they outshine her own efforts.
Members are also participate in competition each August at the Platte County and Wyoming State Fairs. Many members are involved in the 4-H Animal Programs that include horse, dairy cattle, beef cattle, companion animals, goats, sheep, swine and poultry. Sewing, photography, cooking, record keeping and others are also categories of competition. The club is also regularly involved in a variety of community service projects in the Guernsey and Hartville areas.
The 4-H Cloverleaf logo was designed by Jesse Field Shambaugh and adopted by the national organization. The name represents four personal development areas of focus for the group: Head, Heart, Hands and Health. The motto of the 4-H organization is “To make the best better.”
With plenty of ways to learn and grow through the projects and activities of 4-H, members of Platte County’s Go-Getters club aren’t likely to be heard saying “there’s nothing to do.”

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