Public Notice No. 1897

December 1, 2020
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

Present: Mayor Paustian, CM Kelley, CM Harris
Excused: CM Augustyn, CM Whitworth
Staff: K. Farmer, Chief Smith, Joe Michaels
Guests: Pat Russell Via Zoom: Christa Bartel, Rob Cain, Shenna Thomas
Mayor Paustian called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and was welcomed to the meeting.
Agenda: CM Kelley moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by CM Harris. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 3 ayes.
Minutes: CM Harris moved to approve the regular minutes for November 17, 2020, as presented, seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 3 ayes.
Consideration of Claims: Mayor Paustian presented the vouchers for approval. CM Harris moved to approve the Considerations of Claims for $83,299.33 seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 3 ayes. Vouchers follow in entirety: A&M Electric – 97.00, All-Out Fire – 1565.00, Baker & Associates – 6450.16, Bear Creek Originals – 44.04, Benchmark of Torrington – 2394.00, Black Hills Energy – 598.22, Bob Ruwart Motors – 1478.90, Bomgaars – 417.78, Border States Industries – 335.80, CenturyLink – 1124.98, Energy Laboratories – 6930.00, Fire Truck Certification Company – 5349.95, Hebel – 38.88, Howshar hardware – 180.70, Mosley – 440.00, Mountain State Pipe & Supply – 1972.78, Reserve Account – 150.00, Staples Credit Plan – 427.95, TDS – 12649.37, USPS – 166.62, Warws – 450.00, Wheatland Automotive – 356.49, Wyoming First Aid & Safety Supply – 77.04, Zell Heating & Cooling – 270.00, Payroll – 30965.15, Taxes & Benefits – 8368.52, Total Vouchers – $83,299.33.
Lot Split – 650 W. Pittsburg: Kate Farmer presented the lot split information for 650 W. Pittsburg. The lots will be 10,220 sq ft and 10,780 sq ft. Planning and Zoning have approved the lot split and it is requested that the council move to approve it. CM Harris moved to approve the lot split at 650 W. Pittsburg, seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken and the motion carried with 3 ayes.
Ambulance Service Workshop Date: The workshop will be with the Town Attorney to discuss the changes proposed by Banner Health to the ambulance contract. Kate Farmer emailed the proposed contract to the council and the attorney on November 25, 2020, for their review. The workshop will be on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 5 pm.
Camp Guernsey Back Brief: Kate Farmer reported that the Camp has seen many staffing changes recently and 50% of the employees are teleworking through the end of the year. The Wyoming Military Department has canceled in-person training due to the increase in COVID-19 cases but will be having virtual drills. There will be a fire map meeting with area Fire Departments, the date is still to be determined. They are in the planning stages for the summer 2021 Field Artillery Exercises and the summer 2022 Field Artillery Exercises have been canceled by the National Guard Bureau. Christmas Tree cutting and Firewood cutting are open to the public, call the Fire Desk at 307-836-7810 to get permits. Camp Guernsey Fire Department is participating in the Winter’s Eve parade tomorrow evening.
Public Comment: Pat Russell showed the logo that was approved by the Guernsey Community Food Pantry. The construction is moving as planned and supplies will be delivered on Saturday. Brad Cook Construction will be working on the pantry remodel and they hope to be moved in over Christmas break. Donations have been coming in and are very beneficial to the pantry’s success. The mobile pantry will be on December 19th from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Town Hall parking lot. Volunteers need to arrive at 11 am.
Department Reports: Chief Smith reported that Officer Brown has been working through the GI bill to pay for his law enforcement training and any additional training for up to a year from his hire date. Joe Michaels reported that WMPA will remain an integral part of Basin Electric. Kate Farmer asked the Council and attendees to report issues with town properties and street lights so that we can get them fixed.
Mayor and Council Report: The food pantry went well and Mayor Paustian encourages all citizens to take part in volunteering or driving through for a free box of food.
Announcements: 12/2 – Volunteer Fire Department Meeting @ 4:30 pm, 12/2 – Winter’s Eve Parade, 12/5 – Volunteer Fire Department’s Toy Run @ 9 am, 12/15 – Town Council Meeting @ 6 pm, 12/19- Mobile Food Pantry @ Town Hall Parking Lot, @ 1 pm to 4 pm, 12/24 – Christmas Eve, Town Hall Closed at 11 am, 12/24 – Merry Christmas, Town Hall Closed, 1/1 – Happy New Year!, Town Hall Closed, 1/5 – Town Council Meeting @ 6 pm
Adjournment: With no further business to come before the Council, Mayor Paustian called for a motion to adjourn. CM Harris moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:21 pm, seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 3 ayes.

Nicholas Paustian, Mayor
Kate Farmer, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 1897 published in the Guernsey Gazette on December 8, 2020