Public Notice No. 1890

November 3, 2020
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

Present: Mayor Paustian, CM Kelley, CM Augustyn, CM Harris, CM Whitworth
Staff: L. Bryant, K. Farmer, Chief Smith, M. Allred, J. Michaels
Guests: Craig Frederick, Dora Reins, Pat Russell, Christa Bartel
Mayor Paustian called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and was welcomed to the meeting.
Agenda: CM Kelley moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by CM Whitworth. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.
Minutes: CM Harris moved to approve the regular minutes for October 20, 2020, as presented, seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.
Consideration of Claims: Mayor Paustian presented the vouchers for approval. CM Augustyn moved to approve the Considerations of Claims for $79,868.47 seconded by CM Kelley. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes. Vouchers follow in entirety: Baker & Associates – 13201.18, BioLynceus, LLC – 3632.17, Border State Industries – 1135.45, Business Solutions Group – 99.45, CenturyLink – 1144.03, Dana J. Lent Law Office – 2.45, Drube Supply – 113.48, Environmental Compliance Solutions – 895.00, Guernsey Super Foods – 102.26, Holtz – 60.00, Howshar Hardware & Appliance – 215.75, LL Johnson Distributing – 33.55, Mobius Communications – 40.00, Mosley – 330.00, Safeguard Business Systems – 334.41, TDS – 14565.65, USPS – 110.00, Walker – 630.44, Wheatland Automotive – 290.24, Willix – 42.38, Payroll – 33595.90, Taxes & Benefits – 9294.68, Total Vouchers – $79868.47
Guernsey Community Food Pantry: Craig Frederick a representative of the United Presbyterian Church of Guernsey Session acknowledges that the pantry needs changes to accommodate the increase in usage and ADA accessibility. The coordinator is doing an amazing job with the food pantry. The Session has some hurt feelings about how the move of the food pantry has come about. They were not informed that the town had offered a space for a new location and feel that the Session should have input and be on the board of the food pantry. The Mayor said the Town was approached by Pat Russell asking if the Town had a larger space, that is ADA accessible, and more efficient space. We have spoken with the military about the equipment they may be able to donate and the Town had no intention of undermining the church. Mayor Paustian had helped move a freezer down the stairs into the current pantry and he had to remove all the hardware of the freezer and the door at the church to get the equipment in. He knows the struggle of the size and ADA problems and wants to help continue the success of the food pantry. CM Augustyn thanked Craig for the history of the food pantry and reiterated Mayor Paustian’s comments about providing a larger facility and that the town does not want to take over but help the church continue its mission. CM Harris asked if the Town could help the church build something that could accommodate the food pantry and that we had no intention of sticking our nose into their business. Kate Farmer let CM Harris know that the Town cannot help the church build something and the proposed space would be funded through grants and in-kind donations, not Town funds. The Town would only be providing a building, much like the Senior Center and Library. Matt Allred said that the Town can provide a temporary solution for a bigger space until the church can get a bigger building built. Dora Reins asked about insurance on the new location. Kate Farmer let her know that the Town would ensure the building and that she had spoken with Pat Russell about liability insurance for the volunteers and clients that would be utilizing the pantry. Craig thanked the council for allowing him to speak and he wanted to have the conversation with them instead of hearing rumors. The council thanked the church session for the commitment to the community and its mission.
Chugwater Street Property – List for Sale: Joe Michaels said the Town is not in the building business. There are two housing developments across the river that can be utilized for new housing. People like their lots in town and do not want to sell them off. The apartment property across from the school has been sold multiple times and has an income stipulation for people to live in it. CM Augustyn said we have done a comprehensive plan that said multi-family housing is the most needed housing type. Joe Michaels said building government housing with the help of the Airforce like they did in Cheyenne would be a good idea to approach the military with. CM Augustyn moved to sell the Chugwater Street properties for $70,000 per lot or $140,000 for both lots with Jodi Garver, seconded by CM Kelley. It is R3 zoning and that is multifamily zoning and would require more than one home built on the property. A vote was taken and the motion carried with 3 ayes from CM Kelley, CM Augustyn, Mayor Paustian, and 2 nays from CM Harris, CM Whitworth.
Prairie Rest Cemetery Sign: Lynne Bryant proposed a request for upgrading the Prairie Rest Cemetery entrance sign. Harry Bohannon would like to see the sign and pillars at the entrance to the Prairie Rest Cemetery. He wants this entrance and sign built as a tribute to his wife that he met when he was younger in Guernsey. Mr. Bohannon would like two supports on either side of the road to reinforced with concrete below the pillars. The design would honor the Sunrise Mine through the steel used, the wagon wheels for the town of Guernsey, and rock sourced from the Guernsey Rock Quarry. The pillars would be concrete with rock veneer. She showed the council the rock that would be used for the veneer. It would be taller and wider allowing vehicles to safely enter and exit the cemetery. Mr. Bohannon likes the design, and he would like to donate to have the entrance replaced. The current pillars do not have a footer and are leaning and could fall over. The signs would be attached directly to the pillars. Mr. Offe had spoken to Mayor Paustian about straighten the current pillars. Matt said that the pillars could be lifted by a crane and a footer could be poured under the pillars. We do not want to get rid of the sign that the high school created, and we would move it to the southeast corner of the cemetery. Matt suggested moving the pillars and the sign to the legacy area of the old cemetery. The staff will post information in the community inviting the citizens to attend the meeting to express their opinion and Lynne will talk with the newspaper to get an article in the Gazette. CM Whitworth moved to the table to the discussion until the next council meeting, seconded by CM Augustyn. A vote was taken and the motion carried with 5 ayes.
Camp Guernsey Back Brief: Christa Bartel said she did not have anything to report.
Public Comment: Pat Russell pointed out the Gobble Gobble Give jar that is provided by the Food Bank of the Rockies, one quarter equals one meal and that money will directly benefit Guernsey families. Donations can be made at 15businesses throughout the community and donations can be made through November 27th. The mobile pantry has been awarded to Guernsey through December 2021 and that is separate from the Guernsey Food Pantry. The November 21st Food Pantry will be at the Town Hall Parking lot instead of First State Bank. She is working on some Thanksgiving baskets on her own and she sees a need in the community. It might not be people who come to the food pantry but could use some help during Thanksgiving.
Department Reports: Kate Farmer provided the council with the reconciliation report and the financial statement through October. She also reported that the auditor has provided information that needs to be pulled and sent over to their office. Lynne Bryant had pulled and scanned all the invoices requested and would be sending those over first thing in the morning. David Smith reported that the police department will be waiting outside for medical calls unless an individual is in distress. They are not at the entrance of the school but are patrolling the areas around it due to COVID-19. Matt Allred provided some information to send to WYDOT about getting 3 flashing crosswalk signs on HWY 26 at River Rd, Nebraska St, and Wyoming Ave. This would provide additional safety for the citizens and children walking to school. Mayor Paustian said there are a lot of big trucks coming through town that do not stop or cannot stop.
Mayor and Council Report: CM Harris said he thinks that the town should back off the Food Pantry and let them take care of it. CM Augustyn asked if Matt wanted to get a petition together to help the odds of getting the crosswalks approved. Matt will get that for CM Augustyn. Mayor Paustian said the mobile pantry went well and some suggestions were made to make it better. We met with General Porter and things are going well with them and they are looking into how they can help with the food pantry.
Announcements: 11/4 – Guernsey Volunteer Fire Department Meeting @ 6 pm, 11/17 – Town Council Meeting11/21 – Mobile Food Pantry, Town Hall Parking Lot, 1 – 3 pm, 11/21 – Winter Farmer’s Market & Holiday Bazaar @ VFW from 9 am to 2 pm, 12/2 – Winter’s Eve Parade
Adjournment: With no further business to come before the Council, Mayor Paustian called for a motion to adjourn. CM Augustyn moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:14 pm, seconded by CM Harris. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.

Nicholas Paustian, Mayor    
Kate Farmer, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 1890 published in the Guernsey Gazette on November 10, 2020