Public Notice No. 1878

August 18, 2020
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

Present: Mayor Paustian, CM Kelley, CM Augustyn, CM Whitworth, CM Harris
Staff: L. Bryant, K. Farmer, Chief Smith, J. Michaels, J. Thomas, S. Thomas, W. Conner
Guests: Kit Armour, Mark Borders, Shawna Reichardt, Mistina, Xavier, Aliyah, Smith, Casper Goodman, Shirly Howell, via Zoom: Christa Bartel, Rob Cain
Mayor Paustian called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and was welcomed to the meeting.
Agenda: CM Kelley moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by CM Harris. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.
Minutes: CM Augustyn moved to approve the regular minutes for August 4, 2020 with changes to adjournment as CM Augustyn and Mayor Paustian as the signatory, seconded by CM Whitworth. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.
Consideration of Claims: Mayor Paustian presented the vouchers for approval. CM Whitworth moved to approve the Considerations of Claims for $240,926.67, seconded by CM Augustyn. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes. Vouchers follow in entirety: ADTS – 267.95, Benzel Pest Control – 197.70, Bird – -5.01, Bluffs Facility Solutions – 475.44, Capital Business Systems – 432.50, Caselle – 570.00, Cash-Wa Distributing – 248.20, CNA Surety – 350.00, Costopolous – 116.00, Crystal Ice Company – 132.00, Deere Credit, Inc – 11868.60, Econo Signs – 152.91, Fast Stop – 182.55, Frank Parts Company – 41.30, Guernsey Gazette – 2653.20, Holtz – 35.00, Ideal Linen – 145.24, Montgomery – 121.80, Old Trails Publishing – 42.50, One-Call of Wyoming – 30.75, Pitney Bowes Global – 231.12, Pro Overhead Door – 1720.00, Sam’s Club – 1515.00, TDS – 687.98, Team Laboratory Chemical – 2490.50, Torrington Beverage – 632.60, Travelers – 34.00, Tri State Oil Reclaimers – 100.00, Tri-City Parks & Rec – 20026.66, Tymco International – 37292.44, Verizon Wireless – 400.55, Vistabeam – 449.55, Westco – 218.06, Wheatland REA – 39.34, Wright Express Fleet Services – 2399.65, WMPA – 104561.09, Wyrulec – 454.72, Payroll – 39496.43. Taxes & Benefits – 10118.35, Total Vouchers – $240,926.67.
Chief of Police Appointment: Mayor Paustian said he believes this man is committed to this community and a stellar young man. He has not spoken to anyone that has anything bad to say about him, even motorists that have been ticketed by him. Mayor Paustian asked the council to appoint David Smith as Chief of Police. CM Augustyn moved to approved Mayor Paustian’s appointment of David Smith to Chief of Police, seconded by CM Kelley. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes. David Smith was sworn in as Chief of Police by Judge Conner.
Lodging Tax Board – Kit Armour: They finished FY20 collections down by 6.6%. Collections are starting to come back up. 50% of the dollars spent with the lodging tax are going back into the community. That is helping the visitor center in Guernsey and tours up at Sunrise as well as many other entities in Platte County. Occupancy is at 65.6% for FY20. They have had 315,657 Facebook post reaches, with an engagement rate of approximately 10.5%, and 1,149 followers. They have been awarded $45,000 from the Cares Act and must be used for COVID related things. They are working with Goshen County to do a historical video to go from Ft. Laramie through the Oregon Trail Ruts and the State Park. They are looking at helping the Colorado Stone age fair that was canceled in Colorado and is being moved up into Sunrise. They will be asking the Town of Chugwater to continue their MOU with WyDot to keep the rest area open through December 20, 2020.
Catering Permits – JWPERKS, Corp: CM Whitworth moved to approve a catering permit for JWPERKS, Corp, for the Hub City Golf Tournament on 8/29/20, seconded by CM Augustyn. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
CM Kelley moved to approve a catering permit for JWPERKS, Corp, for the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament on 9/12/20, seconded by CM Harris. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
CM Augustyn moved to approve a catering permit for JWPERKS, Corp, for Duck Daze on 8/22/2020, seconded by CM Whitworth. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
Resolution 2020-008 – High Risk Rural Road: CM Augustyn moved to approve resolution 2020-008 an application for Lucindy Rollins Road improvements through WYDOT, seconded by CM Whitworth. Vote take and motion carried with 5 ayes. Resolution follows in title only: A resolution authorizing the submission of an application for federal funding through the High Risk Rural Road program administered by the Wyoming Department of Transportation for the Town of Guernsey for the purposes of the Town of Guernsey project.
Public Comment: Shawna Reichardt has a lot of events in August and September for the Chamber of Commerce. Twister’s will be doing the food catering at the golf tournament and Ben’s Bar will be doing the beer cart for the tournament. They have been helping businesses get the Wyoming Business Council grants and the free PPE that was offered to businesses. They are up to 179 members with 39 new members or increased membership in the last year. The new website is doing well and providing good information to visitors to the area.
Department Reports: Kate Farmer asked the Council how long they would like to reinvest 1 of 2 swimming pool CD’s. Mark Borders said to check the penalties for a longer term and if rates go up the CD could possibly be cancelled with minimal fees. She informed the council that the audit has started and all documents that have been requested have been supplied to the company. The Camp Guernsey Connector construction is underway. The Ambulance community meeting will be scheduled later in the week and the community will be made aware of it. Judge Conner had 105 cases, dismissed 48, carried over 57 and collected $7,003.00 for the month of July. Chief Smith said the Guernsey Department will be holding a Dunk-A-Cop on 10/3/2020, to help fund Shop with a Cop for children. Jeff Thomas said they had 3 trainings last month, they will have fire training in Wheatland in September. The Haunted House will be in the Town of Guernsey Shop and they will do Thanksgiving for seniors and needy citizens the day of Thanksgiving.
Mayor and Council Report: CM Harris brought up the weed mess in the community and Chief Smith said they have sent nuisance letters. CM Augustyn said congratulations to Chief Smith and thanked Officer Holt for helping with the food drive. It was good PR for the Police Department. Mayor Paustian said the Food Drive can always use volunteers. This program helps anybody and everybody in the community. Thank you to Pat Pettigrew who is doing a tremendous job in the effort to provide food for the community.  
Announcements: Every Thursday – Farmer’s Market in Gordon Davis Park @ 4 pm, 8/22 – Duck Daze, 8/29 – Hub City Golf Tournament, 9/1 – Town Council Meeting, 9/2 – Volunteer Fire Department Meeting @ 6 pm, 9/4-9/7 – 38th Annual End of Summer Run, 9/12 – Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament
Executive Session: CM Kelley moved to go into executive session to discuss police personnel, seconded by CM Augustyn. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes. CM Whitworth moved to go back into regular session at 7:34 pm with no decisions made, seconded by CM Harris. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.

Adjournment: With no further business to come before the Council, Mayor Paustian called for a motion to adjourn. CM Harris moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 pm, seconded by CM Whitworth. A vote was taken, and the motion carried with 5 ayes.

Nicholas Paustian, Mayor
Kate Farmer, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 1878 published in the Guernsey Gazette on August 25, 2020