Public Notice No. 1724

February 6, 2018
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

Present: Mayor Delgado, CM Harris, CM Whitworth, CM Kelley, CM Martinez
Staff: K. Farmer, W. Conner, E. Buchanan, J. Michaels
Guests: Christa Bartel, Katie Scherger, Charlie Walker, Kit Armour, Drake FarmerMayor Delgado called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and was welcomed to the meeting.
Agenda: CM Harris moved to approve the agenda, seconded by CM Whitworth. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
Minutes: CM Whitworth moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by CM Kelley. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
Consideration of Claims: Mayor Delgado presented the vouchers to approval. CM Martinez moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $243,912.40, seconded by CM Harris. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes. Vouchers follow in entirety:Absolute Solutions – 673.34, Avenet – 750.00, BAM Document Destruction – 137.90, BHE – 1648.54, Bob Ruwart Motors – 224.20, Bristow Built Construction – 114000.00, Buchanan – 750.00, Capital Business Systems – 313.80, Centurylink – 2017.53, CAN Surety – 100.00, Croel Redi-Mix – 405.00, Dive Cincinnati – 4756.55, Ferguson Waterworks – 6006.81, Goldstar Products – 433.69, Guernsey Economic Development – 23333.34, Holtz – 85.00, Howshar Hardware – 354.60, Interstate All Battery – 157.92, Johnson – 85.81, Johnston’s Corner – 39.00, Kriz Davis – 775.38, Laramie Peak Motors – 6446.51, Layne Christensen Company – 1125.00, Mindieta – 106.71, Montgomery – 62.50, Moore – 75.00, Morgan – 56.87, Old Tree Design – 717.47, Partsmaster – 831.93, Peach Trader – 18403.89, Penny’s Ends & Pieces – 750.00, Radar Shop – 86.50, Reeves – 5.08, Russell Industries – 400.00, Sam’s Club – 320.54, Scheid – 187.50, Sirius XM – 75.00, Staples – 183.01, Syncb – 331.22, TDS – 13347.66, Thomson Reuters-West – 131.00, USPS – 199.10, Verizon Wireless – 304.80, WARWS – 770.00, Windbreak Cable- 155.00, WWQ&PCA – 120.00, WRS – 135.00, Wyrulec – 1890.13, Zell – 582.00, Payroll – 27470.13, Taxes and Benefits – 11594.44, Total Vouchers 243,912.40.
Resolution 2018-004 – Adopting Guernsey Historic Sites and Trails Master Plan: CM Martinez moved to adopt Resolution 2018-004, Guernsey Historic Sites and Trails Master Plan, seconded by CM Kelley. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.
CivicLive Website Presentation: The presentation was shown to the Council. Kate also showed them the current website and the issues that she is having with it. She let them know that she had done some additional training that did not resolve the problems she was having. CM Harris asked if we could get our money back because it wasn’t working. Kate explained that the website is working but the functionality that we would like to have is not there. CM Martinez moved to approve the contract with CivicLive, seconded by CM Kelley. Vote taken and motion carried with 3 ayes, CM Harris with a nay and CM Whitworth abstained from the vote.
Public Comments: Charlie Walker informed the Council that on November 21, 2017 his father had a heart attack and it took Banner Ambulance Service 55 minutes to respond to the call. A Police Officer was there immediately and was very helpful. Once the Ambulance arrived it took the EMT 9 tries to get an IV started. After he was transported to the hospital, Banner did a great job. He also informed the Council that on a very cold day the Ambulance Service received a call and left the garage door open to the bay for 4 ½ hours. Mayor Delgado said that he would look into the November 21st call and that he had already addressed the garage doors being left open and would get back to Charlie on the matter. Kit Armour, Director of PC Chamber of Commerce, informed the Council that the Ag Appreciation banquet served 150 people and awarded Brit Wilson with the Ag Business of the Year award. She let them know that there is a free Social Media Workshop on February 13th at Platte Valley Bank that is hosted by the Chamber and Tourism board. Casino Night, the main fundraiser for the Chamber Scholarship will be on February 24th.
Department Reports: Judge Conner reported for January, 31 cases were handled, of that 25 were disposed of, 6 carried over into February for a total of $2,475.00. Kate Farmer gave the Council the reconciliation reports and the Financial Review. 
Mayor& Council Reports: Mayor Delgado let the Council know that Sergeant Drilling will be giving the Town a quote for a pump test on the RV Well at the Golf Course. The main irrigation well has a lot of manganese and is causing problems for the sprinklers. The RV well was tested and did not have the high levels of manganese and could be a possible well that could supply both the irrigation and RV. The pump test will tell if it can pump the required gallons per minute that the irrigation and RV systems would require. If the well will produce the amount needed the Mayor would like to use County Concensus funds to install a larger pump to alleviate the problems with the irrigation system.
Announcements: 2/10 – Pet Clinic, 2/19 – Town Hall Closed, 2/20 – Town Council Meeting, 2/24 – Casino Night, 2/27 – Whiskey, Vodka & Wine Event, 3/19 – RV Workshop
Adjournment: With no further business to come before the Council, Mayor Delgado called for a motion to adjourn. CM Harris moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:42pm, seconded by CM Martinez. Vote taken and motion carried with 5 ayes.


Edward Delgado, Mayor

Kate Farmer, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 1724. To be published in the Guernsey Gazette on  February 13, 2018