Local Impact of COVID-19 Crisis Grants one year later

GLENDO – It has been exactly one year since the Episcopal Church of Wyoming granted $1 million to be used by communities across Wyoming to help offset the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church of Glendo, received $10K to help both individuals in crisis in the community and organizations assisting in meeting their needs.

The initial distribution of funds was made in early April 2020 of $10K to each congregation in Wyoming to use in the areas of greatest need within their communities. Gary Hartman, Grants Committee Chair of the Foundation Board noted there were four focus areas recommended by the board for the use of these funds: child care, vulnerable adults, medical bills, transportation and crisis shelter assistance.

St. John the Baptist’s congregation used the initial grant to help individuals and families in need pay their rent, help with utility bills and provide transportation to pick up food or medical care and food. They also donated monies to the food bank in Wheatland to help pay butchering costs of donated animals. The meat was then distributed to people in need through that food bank. We also help stock the small food bank in Glendo. One of our congregation donated hamburgers for that food bank, which is kept in a freezer at a nearby business which is Bear Creek Originals LLC.

St. John the Baptist’s congregation delivered the funds in three of the four areas of these Covid-19 grant funds, child care was not asked for. Sandy Meier, senior warden said, “We at St. John the Baptist are most grateful for the opportunity to support those in crisis in our community. What better way to reach those in our communities suffering from pressing needs when dispersing 1 million dollars than to reach them through an Episcopal Church which is found in nearly every community in the state.”



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