Guernsey-Sunrise first graders continue to break records... and eat pizza

The first-grade class at Guernsey-Sunrise School went above and beyond their goal of reading 300 books. They are now up over 500 and still going. Back Row: Wesley Falen, Landon Green, Randi Raye Breathwitt, Rosalie Stevens, teacher Stephanie Smith, Kelley Conner, Sophie Dockter, Kiarah Atwood, middle row: Tessa Hillers, Ivy Offe, Kyla Groombridge, Connor Unwin, Rhett McConahay, Kinslee Fertig, front row: Kiser Meyers, Madison Thomas, Kynleigh Gonzales. Bottom Picture: Ivy Offe is enjoying the rewards of a pizza and root beer float party. The promise was made by Guernsey-Sunrise School’s first grade teacher, Stephanie Smith that if the class could read over 500 books, they would earn the classroom treat.

GUERNSEY – At the beginning of the year, this amazing group of first graders painted their corner of the world pink with a flamingo party that was promised to them if they could read 100 books.

“To keep them motivated, we said, ‘if you reach 300, we’ll have a pizza party,” said Guernsey-Sunrise first grade teacher Stephanie Smith. “And then it was like… well… if you reach 500 books, we’ll have a pizza party and root beer float. So. They’ve hit 504 on Monday.”

On March 18 the promise was kept as the principal Liesl Sisson rolled in carts of freshly baked pizzas and then helped Smith scoop ice cream and pour root beer. Most older adults would say, “all I ever got was a certificate.”

They began reading books at the beginning of the year and with over two months left, they continue to amaze the teachers and parents. Another interesting fact is that the students must read the books outside of the classroom. On their own time. And they did.

“This was on their own,” Smith said. “It was filling out reading logs and turning them in every week. Of all the students, the two students with the most reads for the year were Madison Thomas and Tessa Hillers.”

According to Smith, they took the challenge and ran with it.

“We had to keep moving the target because they kept hitting it,” she said.

The kids got not only a sense of great accomplishment, the feeling of setting and breaking goals, but that sweet taste of creamy root beer and pizza.

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