Fishing in the Dark...August 27, 2019

Last week, our community lost one of our business owners and all-around good guys with the passing of Wayne Geuke.
He was a good friend of Bob's and someone who really lived life on his own terms. Every time I saw Wayne at Crazy Tony's, he was either deep in the deck of a cribbage game with his buddies or working on a project of some sort for the business.
I watched him take a pretty good-sized section of ground behind the business that was nothing but weeds for many years and, through a lot of time and persistent, hard work, turn it into a wonderful landscaped area complete with a carpet of grass and flower beds that changed the entire appearance of the area. He built a patio just outside the back doors to complete a great little outside spot to eat and visit.
He renovated much of the interior of the building with a great wood look and added a hand-made cedar slab table and bar that you really had to see to appreciate.
We extend our sympathy to Karen, Matt and the rest of their family. He will be missed, thought of often and never forgotten. A celebration of his life will be held September 14 at 4 p.m. at Crazy Tony's.
Summer is winding down--another Duck Daze event is complete and I would like to ask that community members take a moment to say thanks to all the volunteers who made Duck Daze another success this year. Additionally, don't forget that many of our organizations in the community rely SOLELY on the volunteers who give unselfishly of their time to provide our community with events year-round, including Treat Street on Halloween, the Winter's Eve Festival in early December, the Summer Movie and Concert Series in the Park, and the July Fourth celebration.
I often talk to people who are visiting our community and I consistently hear about how much there is to do here and how many small towns our size don't have anything like it. Those comments are usually followed by "I sure wouldn't mind living here--you folks sure are lucky!"
I can certainly say I don't mind living here at all and I am lucky to do so...BUT what our town has to offer is due to the people who do things simply because they want to help. The reward is knowing they contribute to the good for everyone.
Teach your children that concept. Get them involved in doing for others with NO expectations other than the feeling it gives. If we truly want to change the tone in our country, it's a great place to start.
When you're asked to volunteer, find the time to do it--everyone is busy but I guarantee you that money can't buy the sense of belonging and pride you'll have.
Now, more than ever, we just need to be good to each other.