Vikings in the sun created at GSHS

GUERNSEY – Having a cup of coffee or finishing a project on a laptop just got some much-needed color and added to the pride that is the Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings.
A mural was painted on adjoining walls covering up the drab and plain beige walls that used to grace the commons area at the high school. It was a project that was welcomed by students, faculty and administrators as well as those visiting the high school.
Lauren Green, the art teacher at GSHS was the mastermind behind the esthetically pleasing addition.
“This year I decided one of my main goals was to brighten up our school with some artwork,” Green said. “I spoke to my high school students about painting a mural and they were excited about it and wanted to try.”
The mural which spans over 6 feet high and features a sun rising over two walls, which is apropos for the name of the high school. And in the sun’s rays on the far end of each wall is an ominous female and imposing male viking. It shows the true warrior spirit of the school that represents a town of those who never give up.
“We brainstormed ideas and developed an idea,” said Green. “We had two different color schemes we were considering so we did a survey of fellow student and staff opinions. My students were very determined to let the rest of the school body have a voice in what we were doing. It was also important to me. We started the mural Sept. 14 and just finished this last week.”



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