Vikings get win and loss in one night due to forfeit

GUERNSEY—So just how does a football team win but lose, and still only have to play one game?

It’s unusual, but it happened because the Vikings were scheduled to play Rock River this week, only to end up getting a forfeited win as Rock River could not field a full team for the game.  But rather than miss an opportunity to keep some consistency to the season and avoid a down week, the Vikings set up a game with Saratoga, a team from the West Conference of Class 1-A, 11-Man football. 

So while the Vikings did get a game in this week, it proved to be a rough assignment that came out with the Panthers on top, 53-12.

The Vikings actually scored first shortly into the game when senior running back Dylan Rose broke free on a 48-yard touchdown run.  Sophomore kicker Justin Malcom’s points after attempt was blocked.

Saratoga answered with a touchdown run of their own but failed on the conversion attempt, tying the score at six. 

With 1:50 left in the first quarter, the Panthers scored another rushing touchdown, this time from 31 yards out.  The conversion attempt failed but the lead went to 12-6. 

Saratoga scored halfway through the second quarter again and completed the conversion that put them in the lead to end the half at 19-6. 

The Vikings held off the Panthers well into the third quarter and things began to look up when senior Austin Albrecht ran in a 15 yard touchdown.  The conversion failed but the Vikings trailed by just a touchdown and conversion, the score now at 19-12.

The joy was short-lived however as Saratoga scored two more times in the third quarter, and completed both conversions to go ahead 33-12 with just the final quarter to go.

The fourth quarter proved to be the Vikes’ total undoing as Saratoga rolled up three more touchdowns and two conversions to claim the 53-12 win. 

The Vikings had 312 total yards of total offense, 312 gained on the ground.  They ran 57 plays from scrimmage and had the ball for 32:31.  They had five turnovers, losing four of six fumbles and one pass interception. 

They were penalized four times for 20 yards and picked up 11 first downs.  They converted four of 15 third down attempts and four fourth down attempts. 

Albrecht finished as the leading rusher for the Vikes with 196 yards in 35 carries and one touchdown.  Rose had four carries for 74 yards and one touchdown.  Malcom picked up 38 yards in 10 carries, and Josh Marshal carried twice for 10 yards.

Junior quarterback Alex Delgado threw five times but failed to connect.

In the defensive effort, the Vikes were led by Malcom with five solo tackles and two assists. 

Josh Marshall had five single stops and a pair of assists. 

Junior Preston Elmore had three single stops and four assists. 

Sophomore Brock Hohnholt had two solo tackles and an assist. 

Junior Jeremy Hartt and senior Justin Martinez each had two solo stops. 

Freshman Rawland Isabelle finished with one lone tackle and one assist. 

Rose and Albrecht each had an assist. 

Delgado punted once for 21 yards. 

Saratoga racked up 460 total offensive yards, 430 from rushing. 

They ran 36 plays from scrimmage and possessed the ball for 15:16. 

The Panthers had three turnovers from six fumbles. 

They were penalized twice for 20 yards.  They picked up 17 first downs and converted one of three third down attempts and both tries on fourth down. 

Fortunately, the forfeited win from Rock River does count in the Vikes’ season and conference record and the game with Saratoga is essentially just an exhibition game that has no effect on either team’s records.

The Vikes will take on Midwest in their final home game this Friday night.  The junior high team will take on the Midwest Pumpers at 5 p.m. and the high school game will kick off at 7 p.m.     




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