Vikes in ‘must win’ for playoff berth certainty

GUERNSEY--The Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings are in a bit of a precarious spot with regard to this year’s football playoff situation. With just Friday’s game with Hulett remaining, a win assures the Vikes of a playoff spot, and a loss does not necessarily take them out of the running. It does, however, make it much more uncertain.
In the 1-A East Conference, Kaycee has already assured themselves of the top seed amd will host Meeteetse, who has already locked in as the fourth seed from the West Conference, in the first round.
Friday’s games between the Vikings and Hulett and between Midwest and Hanna-Elk Mountain will have everything to do with what happens to the remaining spots in the East Conference. Midwest will have a berth in the playoffs but the seed spot remains undetermined.
If Midwest beats Hanna-Elk Mountain and Guernsey-Sunrise defeats Hulett, then Midwest would be the #2 seed, the Vikings would be #3 and H.E.M. would take #4, eliminating Hulett from the playoffs.
But if Midwest would defeat H.E.M. and the Vikings lose to Hulett, then Midwest would be the #2 seed, leaving the Vikings, H.E.M. and Hulett in a three-way tie. According to the WHSAA playoff tie rules, a three-way coin flip would determine the remaining seeds. The odd flip of the coin would be out of the playoffs and the result of the previous head-to-head meeting of the remaning two teams would determine #3 and #4.
If H.E.M. beats Midwest and the Vikes defeat Hulett, that would put Midwest, G-S and H.E.M in a three-way tie and the odd flip of the coin would become the #4 seed, and the remaining teams would be seeded according to their previous head-to-head result.
If H.E.M. defeats Midwest and Hulett beats G-S, then H.E.M. would be the #2 seed, having defeated Midwest earlier in the season, Midwest would be #3, Hulett would be the #4 seed and the Vikings would stay home.
Lingle-Fort Laramie, Normative Services and Rock River have already been eliminated from playoff consideration.


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