VFW Post 4471 helps Camp Guernsey addition and awards citation at camp barbecue

GUERNSEY – A special citation was awarded at the Camp Guernsey barbecue April 22 to the Air Force as well as a gift to help remodel a lounge area that will be used for soldiers in the 90th ground combat training squadron.

“The VFW is here to present to the Air Force who are remodeling their lounge,” said VFW 4471 Department of Wyoming Chairman for Citizenship Education Don Mack. “We are buying them a big refrigerator from Home Depot, about $1,600 and a coffee system that will cost about $300. We are actually giving them the money to purchase these items.”

It has been 10 years since building No. 3 opened and nothing had been done for remodeling.

“The boosters from the 90th ground combat training squadron have reached out to folks to get some help in remodeling the building,” Mack said. “They put together a PowerPoint presentation and asked people to help as they could. When they came to us, we decided on a couple of items on their list that we could help them with. One of them being the display refrigerator and a coffee system.”

The VFW also presented a citation to First Sergeant LaKeisha Foggie for dedication to community service to the students and teachers of the state of Wyoming.

The judging teams comprised of the cadre members of the U.S. Air Force 90th Ground Training Squadron judged and selected winners for the Patriot’s Pen essay contest and also the Voice of Democracy speaking contest as well as the selection of the Smart/Maher Citizenship Education Teacher
Award winners.

The members of the 90th have done the judging off and on for the past 10 years according to Mack.

“This is an active-duty Air Force facility,” Mack said. “It’s not Air Guard, it’s active-duty Air Force. So basically, security forces training, snipers, tactical, nuclear security. They are the infantry of the Air Force.”

After the presentations and citation were presented, the VFW were invited to dine with the soldiers who were hosting a barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade potato salad, fruit cups, cupcakes and beverages.


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