Town Spring Clean-up runs April 21-28

GUERNSEY--The weather is cooperating--and now is the time to clean out those garages, basements and storage sheds.
The Town of Guernsey is hosting their Spring Clean-Up Week April 21-28 and dumpsters are being provided at the old landfill year-round.
There are some restricted items--please see the information below:
Car batteries ·       
Chemicals or Liquids such a paint, thinner, etc.
House or garage structures
Water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, kitchen stoves.
Lawnmowers & snow blowers will be accepted only with gas and oil removed. Aluminum, copper, brass, steel, tin, iron, wrought iron, bicycle frames, aluminum/metal door and window frames with glass and/or wood removed.
Grills – NO propane tank.
Computer monitors
Personal computers
Computer mouse
Copy machines
Fax machines
NO- Microwave ovens, Toaster ovens (they should go in metal bin only)
  Items to be picked up shall not be placed out earlier than the Friday immediately prior to the first day of collection, nor later than the Friday, by 7:00 a.m. at the end of cleanup week.
Bulk items such as couches, chairs, TV’s stoves, refrigerators, etc. will require an “Bulk Item” sticker that can be obtained at Town Hall prior to placing the item our for pickup.
Persons placing items for pickup before, or later than the specified dates set forth in paragraph 1 of this rule, shall be assessed the cost of removing said items in accordance with the established fee schedule.
Items put out after the cleanup week has been completed will be assessed the cost of removing said items.
There is no charge for a pickup size load of material, which amounts to approximately 3 cubic yards. Amounts of material larger than a pickup load will be charged an additional fee.
Properties that have an outstanding clean up bill from previous years will not be picked up. 
The Sanitation Division will pick up refrigerators freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers or any item containing Freon at an additional fee of $40.00 per unit. Please call Town Hall to arrange for pick up of these items. Please remove doors, shelves, crispers, etc on all refrigerators or freezers if appliance is unable to be secured. 

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