Town election results clarified

GUERNSEY—With the primary election completed and the general election set for Tuesday, November 6th, voters have narrowed the field to the final candidates that will looking for votes. 

The story in last week’s Gazette stated that the mayor and council seats in Guernsey had been decided but that is not the case and two of the three primary candidates move on to the general election in November. 

Guernsey’s mayoral seat is up for grabs between Joe Michaels and Nicholas Paustian, the two candidates who received the most votes of three choices in the primary. 

In the city council race, two positions are available with just three candidates on the primary ballot, which means all three will move on to the general election.  They include Kelly Augustyn, Stephen Kelley, Sr. and Greg Martinez.

All three propositions for the sixth cent sales tax put before the county’s voters in the primary election passed by comfortable margins.  Proposition One, a Phase I remodel on the Platte County Courthouse, was approved 1,611 for, 1,112 against.  Proposition Two, a building renovation if the county’s 4-H building at the fairgrounds, passed 1,552 for and 1,188 against.  Proposition Three, which includes projects for each of the five communities in the county, passed 1,933 for, 808 against.

The county’s website will post the general election ballot when it becomes available and results are also posted after the election is completed.  The website address is: and follow the link to elections. 



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