The Class of 2019 meets the Class of 2031

G-S Principal Glen Suppes holds the microphone for Rachel Howshar as she reads her advice to the senior class last Wednesday. Rachel and her classmates all wrote some pointers for the Class of 2019--they are listed in this issue.

GUERNSEY—It was a day they had spent 13 years waiting for—a day that would bring a sense of relief, accomplishment and even tears—both happy and sad. It was the final day of school for the Guernsey-Sunrise Class of 2019.
On that final day last Wednesday, it was mostly a matter of housekeeping—cleaning out lockers, getting signed out of classes, returning books and a walk-through of the graduation ceremony for Sunday.
It was also a day of reflection as the senior donned their caps and gowns and walked all the hallways of the entire school building one last time, greeting underclassmen and elementary students who lined the walls to share high-fives and hugs in recognition of all their accomplishments.
But perhaps the most poignant part of the day came just before dismissal as the Class of 2019 met with the Class of 2031 to share some final words of advice with each other. One by one the seniors took their stoles and caps off and placed them on each of the kindergartners seated in chairs in front of the stage, then offered tidbits of wisdom such as “always follow through,” “study hard,” and “do your very best in everything you choose to do.” Then it was time for the seniors to listen as each of the kindergarten students returned the favor, offering their own unique ideas about dealing with life after graduation. They were as sincere as they were simple and some reflective of more wisdom than might be expected. Here are their words to this year’s seniors:
“Watch out for cars and watch out for bees.” --Carlos
“Have fun in whatever you do. Have a great day.” -- Chase
“Learn lots. Make good friends.” -- Brinley
“Have a grate yeare. Work hard. Make good friends. Eat good food.” -- Milo
“Be safe. Be helpful.” -- Elleyannah
“Hope you have fun. Make new
friends.” -- Aubree
“Have a grate yeare. Work hord.” -- Daniel
“Don’t talk to stranjrs. I hope you have fun. And make new friends.” -- Xander
“Have grate day. Be safe. Take a
bath.” -- Scarlett
“Go to class. Have a good drive to
scool.” -- Eamon
“I hope you drive safely and follow
instruction.” -- Andrew
“Watch for a flood. Watch out for
strangers.” -- Revado
“Get good grades. Eat brusl sprouts.” -- Payton
“Drive carefully. Have a good
breakfast.” -- Elliana
“Don’t talk to stranjrs. I hope you have a good time.” -- Cash
“Stai in tuch with yor famile.” -- Sam
“Be safe. Don’t talk to stranjrs. Get good grades. Have a good time.” -- Karter
“Have a good trip. Have a good
time.” – Amiliana
“Drive safe. Don’t talk to strangers.” -- Braxton
“I hope you have good grades and a good schooll.” -- Gracie
“Woch for cars. Ride your bike.” -- Michael
“Don’t have a boyfriend unless your dad says it’s ok!” -- Rachel

Members of the Class of 2019 include Austin Albrecht, Trinity Ayers, Sierra Ballou, Destiny Covington, Karlee Fenchak, Mariah Klatt, Krista Malcom, Josh Marshall, Jr., Bailey Martin, Whitney Martin, Justin Martinez, Zavier McClain, Kacey McCoid, Kassidy Morales, Shaylee Niles, Mikayla Roby, McKenzie Romero, Josh Rose, Marciela Talavat, Hayley Warner, Jason Wenzel.


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