Super Foods welcomes new butcher and meat manager

Skyler Sullivan is the new meat manager at Guernsey Super Foods at 452 W. Whalen St. in Guernsey. Sullivan is revamping the meat department and is planning on adding specialty sausage. Sky2: At Guernsey Super Foods, new meat manager Skyler Sullivan is carefully weighing and pricing ground beef. He is also making sure that in this economic crunch, people are getting good healthy meat at a competitive price.

GUERNSEY – Fresh meat at a competitive price is what local customers are getting with new meat manager Skyler Sullivan aboard.

Sullivan grew up in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, graduated from Scotts Bluff High School in 2011 and then moved temporarily to Torrington where he was in management at Freshfoods.

“It was actually my girlfriend’s mom’s fiancé that got me involved in meat processing,” Sullivan said. “He was cutting meat in Gering at Freshfoods when we still lived in the Scotts Bluff area and he told me could get me a starting position cleaning meat departments.”

Sullivan did that for a year before he began to learn how to butcher.

“I learned to cut meat and then learned the marketing side of things,” Sullivan said. “The favorite part of my job here in Guernsey is to merchandise and put product out and the way I can do the planogram of certain things. I can organize it the way I want it.”

At this point Super Foods is not doing any local Wyoming meats and Sullivan said that all of their meat comes boxed from Omaha and Norfolk, Nebraska.

“What we get is called boxed beef and it’s all Nebraska beef,” Sullivan said. “Some of it’s pre-trimmed when it comes in, but for the most part I have to trim all of it and cut it all by hand. People can also call and request special cuts and if I can get them at the moment, I can do it for them.”

Sullivan said that a special cut order would take approximately two days.

“I definitely love the people and the work environment here,” Sullivan said. “It’s more of a relaxed pace than what I’m used to. I came from a faster paced and more populated area. I plan on staying as long as they’ll keep me here. I feel as if I’ve helped the meat department a lot.”

There has been more of a variety since Sullivan took over. What is noticeable is the fully stocked meat cases that are well organized and the product is fresh.

“In the next few weeks we’ll start making our own homemade garlic sausage,” Sullivan said. “What I am working on right now is our homemade breakfast sausage. I also plan on doing jalapeno cheese infused sausage as well as cheddar garlic sausage.”

Sullivan still resides in Torrington and he commutes daily.

“If you’re from around the Midwest, a 30 minute drive really isn’t difficult,” he said.

There looks to be a marriage in Sullivan’s future as his fiancé Keota Chermioah also works at Super Foods in Guernsey and does the stocking on truck days.


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