Smashes and crashes and rolls, oh my

Although there were only two races to the the dismay of the fans, the action that was provided was fast and raucous and full of smashing fun. Seen here is a 70-year-old derby driver being lifted up on his front wheels.

WHEATLAND – After a full day at the Blue Mountain Car Show and trudging through the suffocating heat, the temperature eventually dropped below 100 by the time the gates opened for the Big Horn Basin Circuit – Unified demolition derby.

For the gear heads who didn’t get enough at the cruise on Friday night or the 160 vehicles that were at the Blue Mountain Car Show, the hard-core smash-mouth derby was on tap for Saturday night. Most people had just enough time to go home, change clothes (again) and sit directly in front of an air conditioner for about 45 minutes before getting ready to head back down to the Platte County Fairgrounds for the carnage.

The show provided two actual demolition shows and some sidelights like the car with two wheels in the front and two skis in the back reminding most of a vehicle that may be driven on ice in northern Minnesota.

The classes were limited weld, chain up, half car, people’s choice paint, and due to a lack of participation, there was not power wheels category.

The first bout of the evening sported four cars and the crashes were spectacular including a crash that forced a roll-over that brought the crowd to their feet as the driver was upside-down in his car. Wheels were lost, engines were blown, and there was a lot of metal which changed shape right before the eyes of the spectators.

The track was in excellent condition due to the Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department that had the track watered down and virtually dust free. The special units of paramedics were also on hand and at the ready for any serious injuries.

As most demolition derbies go, they are never long enough for most who enjoy the sport and for those who go to the races hoping to see a crash, you couldn’t have walked away disappointed with the brutal contact that was going on.

Derby Winners:

Weld Class:

1st Bryce Harvey

2nd Rob Lang

3rd Jordan Martin

Chain Up:

1st John Warner

2nd Jeremy King & Mad Dog

3rd Eric Redenbaugh

1/2 Car:

Jason Walter


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