Saying goodbye to faithful friends


Platte County Commissioner Chariman Steve Shockley congratulates Clyde Harris on his retirement as Larry Evans, also retiring looks on.

The retirement of three men who faithfully served Platte County

WHEATLAND – The Agriplex was packed with both officers and civilians, commissioners and county workers, children and adults to say goodbye and congratulations on their retirements.

Clyde Harris has been Sheriff for eight years and with law enforcement for roughly 18 years. He is a Wheatland native. He has been married to Roxie Harris for 38 years. Clyde is 66 years old and he plans to remain a part time transport deputy while also working on his ranch with his family.


Larry Evans has worked for the County for 17.5 years. He’s a Wyoming native and married to Rhonda Evans for 48 years. He’s ready to spend more time with family and travel.


Randy Chesser has been with law enforcement for 31 years. He was Chief of Police 14 years before becoming a deputy for the past three years. He is married to Pinky Chesser and has been for 30 years.  He looks forward to new experiences as he takes a new direction in his career and more time with family.


In the coming weeks, there will be in-depth interviews shared with our readers which will include some special memories that were shared by each man on his last week of service to Platte County.


The retirement party was filled with well-wishers and words of honor were offered to each man. A special time of snacks and drinks were part of the festivities and although there were no doughnuts, there were specially made “Blue Line Cop Cakes.”

 Bottom Pictures:

1,2,3: Special plaques were created for each of the men who were honored for their years of service at last Friday’s retirement party for Clyde Harris, Randy Chesser and Larry Evans.

4: Kayla Robinett who is an employee at the sheriff’s department was one of the organizers who set up the retirement party for outgoing sheriff Clyde Harris, deputy Randy Chesser and maintenance supervisor Larry Evans. She was serving “BLUE LINE COP CAKES.”

5: Clyde Harris, the outgoing sheriff is pictured with his wife, Roxie at the Agriplex where a retirement party was set to honor three civil servants and their years of service to this community.

7: Deputy and former police chief Randy Chesser and his wife Pinky were on hand at the Argriplex as Chesser was honored for his 17 and a half years of service to Platte County.

8: Larry Evans has been working in the maintenance department for the Platte County Sheriff’s Department for many years. He was honored along with former sheriff Clyde Harris and deputy Randy Chesser. Larry and his wife Rhonda were on hand for the special ceremony and party.

9: Clyde Harris and Randy Chesser have logged many miles together as law enforcement officers for Platte County. Last Friday at a special retirement party, people came to honor them and to wish them well.

10: Sheriff Clyde Harris is heading back to part-time work and full time ranching after his retirement from the Platte County Sheriff’s Department.

11: Platte County Commissioner Chariman Steve Shockley congratulates Clyde Harris on his retirement as Larry Evans, also retiring looks on.

12: Platte County Commissioner Kayla Mantle was on hand to congratulate three Platte County civil servants who faithfully served the county for many years. Plaques were made and presented to each retiree and Mantle is seen writing a personal message for Clyde Harris on the back of his plaque.

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