Rock your world--the hobby that can make your day!

School rocks--can you identify the objects depicted?

GUERNSEY--In what began two summers ago as a seemingly fad idea, painting, placing and finding painted rocks has continued to be a hobby that gets families off the computer, out of the house and most importantly, doing something together that everyone of any age can do and enjoy.
According to an article found on the internet, the idea came from a woman who lost several family members and as often is the case, she kept looking for signs from them when she was in doubt about making decisions in her life.
Megan Murhpy came up with the idea of The Kindess Rocks Projects based on events that happened following the sale of her business and her search for a new direction in her life. Walking the beaches, her personal interpretation of different rocks she would find inspired her to leave five rocks with positive messages for others. Someone who found one of those rocks contacted her and revealed how much the message she found meant to her. Empowered by that feedback, Meghan encouraged others to do the same and from there, the idea took wings and has persisted to this day around the world. Guernsey is no exception and the hobby continues to be a favorite for many local families.
The messages painted on rocks run the gamut from simple words to inspirational quotes and the artistry anywhere from elaborate scenes to just bright colors that draw attention. Murphy says the connection made awakens the fact that everyone is looking for love, acceptance and to know they matter.
Guernsey has a group of dedicated "rockers" that have had some very interesting feedback from places well beyond Platte County.
A rock that says "Family" made by Lori Morales ended up in Rapid City, SD where a family found its significance to their own family and have kept the rock as a constant reminder at how important they are to each other..
The sky is truly the limit when it comes to the ideas of what to paint on a rock.
From tic-tac-toe sets and elaborate artistry depicting scenes and animals to simple messages that offer encouragement, every rock ends up meaning something to someone.
For those who want to track where their rocks may go, Facebook is the best source. With so many people using it every day, the odds of someone making a connection to the rock's maker is fairly good.
Morales said she knows another one of her rocks went to Lingle and from there, to Glenwood Springs, CO.
With a special Facebook page dedicated to "Guernsey Rocks", fans can post photos of their own work and look for information on those they may have found.
Morales says her family has really enjoyed the rocks. "As this crazy hobby's fame is spread, we see more and more rocks from other towns and states. It's a fun pastime that everyone can take part in and as an added bonus, you some exercise while you hide them."


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