Remembering the Fallen memorial travels through Guernsey

GUERNSEYAt approximately 9:15 Sunday morning, bikes began to appear on the horizons, some coming East on Highway 26 and some coming west. All descending on Guernsey where they would rendezvous with the entourage carrying the names of the fallen soldiers who had given their lives in battles since 9/11.

Nick Schwab, the director for the ALR Chapter 95 in Guernsey said that riders from Guernsey were  participating in the ride sponsored by the Casper College Veterans Club and the name of the ride, nationally recognized as “Remembering Our Fallen” passed through Guernsey, heading toward Glendo at 9:45 a.m.

“This is a memorial similar to the traveling Vietnam wall,” Schwab said. “But it’s for the 9/11 veterans forward. Not to exclude Vietnam, but the memorial is for the veterans who died since 9/11.”

The date is the distinction date between the Vietnam War and the wars that followed, starting with Operation Desert Storm. Schwab says that the cutoff is a pretty good mark in time and a good choice. 

The 50 bikers that came through Guernsey were part of an entourage that would pick up additional riders that would join along the route to escort the wall bearing the names of the fallen. The group began in Torrington at 9 a.m. and roared into Guernsey, picking up a police escort through town.

The group, traveling west out of Guernsey at 70 mph were making good time, heading toward Highway 25 north and had stops planned at Glendo, Douglas, Glenrock and then on to Casper College.

Fankie Adams and his fiancé, Ella Baldwin from Guernsey riding under the Hub City banner were excited about the ride and joined the band as it rocked through the sleepy little town Sunday morning.

“To me, this ride is a sense of pride,” Adams said. “Being a veteran myself, it’s an honor to be able to help escort the wall for fallen soldiers and basically, brothers and sisters that I did fight alongside. This is to continue their legacy to keep America free and help preserve our rights.”

Adams who did a 15-month tour in both Kirkuk and Key West, Iraq came back home in 2010, but not without memories of those who did not have the chance to come back. Those soldiers who would have a chance to ride in a procession such as this in name only.

“When I saw the poster with the information, I had to jump on it,” Adams said. “For me and for the club, an opportunity like this, we’re all about it and available to help out in any way we can. This is pretty much the only ride that’s been going on this year for the veterans.”


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