Public Notice No. 2010


December 20, 2022
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

PRESENT:  CM Augustyn as Mayor Pro Tem, CM Delgado, CM Harris. Absent: Mayor Paustian, CM Kelley.  
STAFF:  Pam Hebbert.
GUESTS:  Shawna Reichert, Rose Martinez, Kevin Lockman.
CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Pro Tem Augustyn called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
AGENDA:  CM Harris motioned to approve the agenda with the deletion of the Executive Session for personnel. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
MINUTES:  CM Harris moved to approve the December 6, 2022, meeting minutes. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
CONSIDERATION OF CLAIMS:  Mayor Pro Tem Augustyn presented the vouchers for approval. CM Delgado motioned to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $159,337.88, seconded by CM Harris. The motion carried. Vouchers follow in their entirety:  A&M Electric, $326.61; Amazon Capital Services, $265.25; Axon Enterprise, Inc., $2,880.00; Bell, Dana, $146.32; Black Hills Energy, $2,036.80; Capital Business Systems, $150.58; Charlie’s Repair, $954.30; Croell Redi-Mix, Inc., $240.00; Fast Stop 1132, $362.03; Guernsey Gazette, $42.99; Home Depot Credit Services, $506.62; John Deere Financial, Inc., $95.96; L.L. Johnson Distributing, $298.67; Matthew Bender & Co., $87.43; Municipal Emergency Services, Inc., $3,504.34; Platte County Clerk, $1,184.35; Platte County Locksmith Services, $1,105.60; Sam’s Club MC/SYNCB, $1,326.20; Shaw, Rex, $100.00; Uline, $904.87; Valley Motor Supply, $172.95; Verizon Wireless, $344.71; Vistabeam, $491.50; Wex Bank, $2,710.17; Wyoming Municipal Power Agency, $87,734.83; Wyoming Retirement System, $225.00; Wyrulec, $1,007.66. Total Invoices, $109,205.74. Payroll, $31,057.20. Taxes/Benefits Payable, $19,074.94. TOTAL CLAIMS: $159,337.88.
COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION REPORTS:  Shawna Reichert reported on employment changes at the Platte County Chamber of Commerce. She also reported that the Lodging Tax & Tourism Board is looking to identify projects that would meet New Destination Development Funding application requirements.
DEPARTMENT REPORTS:  Pam Hebbert reported activity of the Clerk/Treasurer office to include the status of the FY 2022 financial review and communication with Banner Health to enact mutual ambulance contract terms.  
DOG PARK BANK ACCOUNT:  Account #248045 was established at Banner Capital Bank to hold donations designated toward the cost to build a dog park in Guernsey. The balance of that account as of November 30, 2022, was $8,512.57. Expenses to the Town of Guernsey for the construction of the dog park totaled $9,230.00. CM Harris motioned that the balance plus interest of Account #248045 be deposited into the general fund for the Town of Guernsey. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
LANDFILL REMEDIATION/PROJECT STATUS REPORT:  Pam Hebbert provided the Council a copy of a timeline outlining projected dates for the landfill remediation project bid and construction activity. The target date for a pre-bid meeting for prospective contractors is Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 1:00 pm.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORT: CM Augustyn reported actions in preparation to respond to the Sunrise drainage concern from the previous meeting. He also initiated a discussion regarding the option to revert to the original design for the rail spur expansion. Additional information regarding costs and feasibility will be explored.
PUBLIC COMMENT:  Rose Martinez inquired about the status of the Wyoming Community Gas project designation. A discussion about project options followed. Kevin Lockman spoke on behalf of his building plan and variance request submissions that are pending approval by Planning and Zoning.  
ADJOURNMENT: With no further business, CM Harris motioned that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CM Delgado. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm.

Kellie Augustyn, Mayor Pro Tem
Pam Hebbert, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 2010 published in the Guernsey Gazette on November January 10, 2023.