Public Notice No. 2007


November 1, 2022
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

PRESENT:  Mayor Paustian, CM Augustyn, CM Delgado, CM Harris, CM Kelley.  
STAFF:  Fire Chief Thomas, Chuck Porter, Mike Fronapfel, Officer Chavez, Pam Hebbert.
REGISTERING GUESTS:  Pat Russell, Donald Estep, Penney Wells, Judy Archie, Tracy Fink, Rose Martinez, Joe Michaels.
CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Paustian called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
AGENDA:  CM Harris motioned to approve the agenda with the addition of an Executive Session for personnel and personnel policies. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
MINUTES:  CM Kelley moved to approve the October 18, 2022, meeting minutes. CM Harris seconded. The motion carried.
CONSIDERATION OF CLAIMS:  Mayor Paustian presented the vouchers for approval. CM Augustyn moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $92,835.01, seconded by CM Delgado. The motion carried. Vouchers follow in their entirety:  All-Out Fire, $1140.00; Amazon Capital Services, $86.34; Ashmore, Adam, $200.00; Bear Creek Originals, $420.69; Black Hills Energy, $396.93; Bomgaars, $221.36; Brad Cook Construction, $4,230.00; Capital Business Systems, $166.38; CenturyLink, $972.96; Charlie’s Repair, $112.36; Continental Concrete, -$429.00; Hebbert, Pam, $102.92; Home Depot Credit Services, $69.32; Hull, Sylvia, $14.73; Interstate Energy, $454.98; Knife River Corporation, $721.20; Guernsey Petty Cash, $134.39; Pittman Electric, $18,905.60; Pitney Bowes Reserve Account, $150.00; Rose Brothers, Inc., $200.70; Sarah Mosley, $500.00; Staples Credit Plan, $174.28; TDS Collection Services, $15,627.91; Webb, Delashell, $58.75; Wyoming Retirement System, $262.50.  Total Invoices, $44,897.30. Payroll, $30,956.57. Taxes/Benefits Payable, $16,981.14. TOTAL CLAIMS: $92,835.01.
COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION REPORTS:  Pat Russell reported that the generator the Town and the Guernsey Community Food Pantry are partnering on has been installed and tested. The pantry has paid the Town its $15,000 share.
DEPARTMENT REPORTS:  Fire Chief Jeff Thomas reported that the haunted house had one of its busiest years at 100-110 per night. The department is preparing for the Winter’s Eve parade and will assist with the Hub City Toy Run. He also read a letter of appreciation received by the department for a recent emergency call.  Chuck Porter reported the Community Development Block Grant application for the housing project has been submitted. Two public notices will be published: one outlining building permit requirements and the other emphasizing the need for house numbers. He also provided an update on the Phase II Railspur project.  Mike Fronapfel reported the new Itron system is up and running. The brush pile has been moved just over the hill, south-west of the previous site. David Bell has been hired to fill the vacant Public Works Maintenance position. He is from Ft. Laramie and holds a water and sewer license.  Officer Chavez reported the Treat Street precaution of staging police vehicles along Whalen was successful.  Joe Michaels reassured that there are no plans to raise wholesale electrical rates through July 1, 2023.  Pam Hebbert reported the USDA Rural Development water bond was paid off October 24th.  The council received the October Municipal Court report from Judge Conner.
WYOMING COMMUNITY GAS PROJECT DESIGNATION:  Each year Wyoming Community Gas makes a distribution of earnings to member communities. This year Guernsey will receive $5,185.92.  Mayor Paustian asked that residents submit project designation ideas to the Town via phone, email or by completing a form available at Town Hall.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORT: CM Augustyn provided information about the Economic Development fundraiser to be held November 27th for the dog park. The cemetery entrance is complete. He thanked Mr. Bohannon for providing financial support of the project. Mayor Paustian reported on the use of the Peggy Briner Reading Room. The Town is getting clarification from Town Attorney Jones regarding sub-lease options for the space.
PUBLIC COMMENT:  Mike Fronapfel requested that residents call the non-emergency dispatch phone number (307-322-2331) if they have questions about an electrical outage. This action will help to locate and identify the outage.  A discussion was held regarding considerations of the brush pile relocation.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 6:41 pm CM Harris motioned that the council adjourn to an executive session on personnel and personnel policies. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
REGULAR MEETING RESUMED: The council convened to regular session at 7:14 pm. CM Augustyn motioned to add verbiage to the Town of Guernsey personnel policy. Town employees living outside town limits cannot drive town vehicles home even in an on-call status. CM Delgado seconded. The motion carried.
ADJOURNMENT: With no further business, CM Augustyn motioned that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CM Harris. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm.

Kellie Augustyn, Mayor Pro Tem
Pam Hebbert, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 2007 published in the Guernsey Gazette on November 15, 2022.