Public Notice No. 1951

October 19 2021

Town of Guernsey

Regular Meeting

Platte County, Wyoming

Present: Mayor Paustian, CM Augustyn, CM Delgado, CM Harris, CM Kelley 

Staff:  P. Hebbert, J. Thomas, D. Griffith and F. Jones, Attorney for Town of Guernsey.  

Guests: P. Russell, M. Pettigrew, P. Wells, C. Bartel, R. Martinez, S. Reichert, T. Reichert, C. Martinez, A. Martinez, J. Wilkes, T. Van Dam.

Via Zoom: S. Thomas, Tri City Parks.

Mayor Paustian called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. He welcomed and thanked the assembly for attending.  All joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda: CM Kelley moved to approve the agenda as written, seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried with 5 ayes.

Minutes: CM Augustyn moved to approve the regular minutes for October 5, 2021, as written, seconded by CM Harris. The motion carried with 5 ayes. 

Consideration of Claims: Mayor Paustian presented the vouchers for approval. CM Augustyn moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $216,720.11 for the 10/06/21 – 10/19/21 period. Seconded by CM Kelley. The motion carried with 5 ayes. Vouchers follow in their entirety:  B.A.Lawrence, $1085.00; Capital Business Systems, $139.58; Caselle, $600.00; CenturyLink, $1224.70; Contractors Materials, $47.25; Cowboy Supply House, $114.16; CPS Distributors, $1539.96; Environmental Compliance Solutions, $895.00; Guernsey Gazette, $3024.20; Petty Cash, $112.35; Howshar Hardware, $918.79; Itron, $375.56; Jirdon, $1504.40; Mountain States Pipe & Supply, $1002.38; Municipal Emergency Service, $2985.02; Nebraska Printworks, $181.33; Newcomb Heating & Cooling, $120.00; Olson Tire, $131.23; One-Call Wyoming, $24.75; Sarah Mosely, $350.00; SYNCB/Amazon, $228.58; TDS, $1907.58; Town of Guernsey, $350.00; Verizon Wireless, $518.56; Vistabeam, $491.50; W S Darley, $591.17; Wex Bank, $3550.79; Wheatland REA, $38.76; WMPA, $90,419.72; Wyoming Public Health Laboratory, $64.00; WYOPOTS, $280.00; WYRULEC, $427.28; Z Holdings, $30.32. Total Invoices: $115,273.92. Payroll, $34,209.65. Taxes & Benefits, $67,236.54. TOTAL CLAIMS: $216,720.11.

Camp Guernsey Brief:  C. Bartel reported that that she has no new information to convey.  Mayor Paustian will inquire with the Camp if he has questions.  

Water Transmission Pipeline contract:  Attorney Jones has reviewed the contract. He would like to visit with the company and get clarification on several items. It is important the contract reflects the needs and capabilities of the Town. CM Delgado motioned to table this item to allow more time. CM Harris seconded. Motion carried with 5 ayes.

Ambulance Contract: Attorney Jones reported that Banner would like to hold off on executing the contract in order to review costs. He will contact them to get more information. CM Delgado motioned to table this item until next meeting. CM Harris seconded. Motion carried with 5 ayes.

Public Comment: P. Russell informed the council and the public of a Food Pantry complaint received regarding unsafe food handling practices. The Health Department was contacted and it was determined practices in place follow guidelines. Pat requested that complaints regarding the Pantry be directed there and not the Town. She reported that the Mobile Food Pantry will take place on the even months only in 2022, starting with February. P. Wells stressed the importance of consistency and approval processes in relation to Town policy, ordinance and code.               S. Reichert from the Platte County Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Tax Board reported. Things are going well; rebranding is in the works. She participated in a conference with two other entities. The new website will go live November 15. She offered ideas to promote Town ordinances and the process for business licenses. She informed the council and attendees of upcoming events in Platte County. The next Chamber Board meeting will be October 28th at noon. Richard Martinez requested clarification about time limit restrictions for public comment. T. Reichert reported his students continue work on the VFW remodel. He invited the Council to an open house at the VFW for Veterans Day. The Soup Feed is from 11-5:30 and an Appreciation Ceremony starts at 6 pm. The VFW will host a dance open to the public on November 13th from 6-10 pm. Admission is free. There will be a cash bar. 

Department Reports: Chief J.Thomas reported for the VFD. October has been busy. All the equipment was tested and serviced; a pump test was done on the truck. Everything and works well. Some minor repair work will be done. He helped Hartville with its ISO. The rating for Guernsey is currently a 4, up from an 8C at the beginning of his tenure. CM Harris thanked Chief Thomas and the VFD for their work. Chief Thomas raised points for consideration regarding the EMT needs for the Town. A lengthy discussion followed. D. Griffith gave a year-end report for the Visitor Center. Visitor count was just shy of target. COVID likely played a part in this. Sales exceeded any previous total. Landscaping is being considered to address ADA, safety and beautification. Later in the meeting she reported that visitors had positively remarked on the number and quality of the parks in the Town. P. Hebbert reported that the company the Town had been working with to finance the new police vehicles is requesting document fees be paid. CM Delgado moved that Attorney Jones review the request and that the Town should follow his recommendation for payment. CM Kelley seconded. The motion carried with 5 ayes. Hebbert reported that the F-66 report for the Town was due September 30. She is working with the Department of Audit and BDO to get the report submitted as soon as possible.

Mayor and Council Report:  CM Augustyn reported that he will be working with other community members to gather donations to cover the cost to smoke Thanksgiving turkeys for community families. Mayor Paustian thanked the group for their efforts. CM Delgado inquired about the status of the Haynes electrical project and the Police Department vacancy. The PD has received numerous applications for review. Mayor Paustian will get a report from the Public Works department on Haynes. Mayor Paustian announced the loss of former Council Member Greg Martinez. His services will be November 6th. The Mayor expressed his appreciation for the inspiration Greg provided for the community.

Executive Session: At 7:09 pm a motion was made by CM Augustyn and seconded by CM Harris to adjourn to Executive Session for personnel. The motion carried with 5 ayes. 

Regular Meeting Resumed: The council convened to regular session at 8:14 pm. CM Delgado motioned that, effective immediately, no Town employees shall work from home. CM Augustyn seconded the motion. The motion carried with 5 ayes.

Adjournment: With no further business, CM Harris moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried with 5 ayes. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Nicholas Paustian, Mayor 

Pamela Hebbert, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 1951 published in the Guernsey Gazette on October 26, 2021.