Public Notice No. 1937

Pursuant to Section 15-1-110, Wyoming Statutes Annotated, 2021 Edition, as amended the following salaries of the Town of Guernsey employees are hereby published:


Nicholas Paustian Mayor $14,400.00

Edward Delgado Council Member $450.00

Steve Kelley Sr. Council Member $1,100.00

Dale Harris Council Member $1,150.00

Kellie Augustyn Council Member $1,100.00

William Conner Municipal Judge $12,384.00

David Smith Chief of Police $67,594.75

Charles Holt Police Officer $52,820.25

Derek Chavez Police Officer $27,436.25

Michael Brown               Police Officer $44,080.00 Jasmine Sterner Clerk/Treasurer $6,459.75

Lynne Bryant Deputy Clerk Treasurer                  $38,620.88

Dana Bell Billing Clerk $34,307.50 

Mike Montgomery Public Works Director $58,753.60

Mike Fronapfel Equipment Operator $56,997.63

Alan Sturdivant Equipment Operator $39,716.25

Robbin Eckhardt Equipment Operator $54,549.50

Jessie Burnitt Equipment Operator $41,339.00 Michael Mindieta         Parks/Golf Superintendent $51,701.75

Matthew Allred Building Inspector $57,530.27

All salaries are listed as base annual salary and overtime paid not including any fringe benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, or pension plans paid by the Town.

Jasmine Sterner, Clerk/Treasurer

Town of Guernsey

Public Notice No. 1937 published in the Guernsey Gazette on July 27, 2021.