Prairie Rest Cemetery to receive an upgrade

The two massive steel pipes that will mark the new entrance of the Guernsey cemetery are ready for installation by Brad Cook construction. The project should take approximately a month to complete.

GUERNSEY – The entrance to Prairie Rest Cemetery in Guernsey has been without proper signage for quite a while and with a donation to do an upgrade from Harry Bohannon who currently lives in Tennessee.

Bohannon’s wife is buried in the Prairie Rest Cemetery and he offered money to fix up the entrance of the cemetery about six months ago. Guernsey councilman, Kellie Augustyn followed up and found out that Bohannon was ready to donate $5,000 after a cad drawing was created, another $5,000 when the contract was signed and another $10,000 after the project was complete.

Bohannon told Augustyn that he would love to have it done quickly as he is up in age and wanted it done before he died.

Augustyn who got help with the CAD drawing from the SkillsUSA students at Guernsey-Sunrise High School put together a plan for two massive steel pipes which were donated by Dave Bunning at the pipe yard. The rock for the façade will be donated by Guernsey Stone giving the appearance of massive rock pillers.

Coming out from each rock piller will be rock wings and at the top, a metal cutout archway will be connected at the pinnacle at each of the twin pillers. It will say “Prairie Rest Cemetery” and will be created, cut and measured by the SkillsUSA kids.

“In addition, we are going to put all the military symbols in front of one of the rock wings,” Augustyn said. “On the other wing will be the Guernsey hub symbol.”

Brad Cook got the bid to do the construction for right around $14K according to Augustyn. The contract was approved in last week’s council meeting.

Construction has already begun on the project.


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