Pony Express alive and well and riding hard in Guernsey

Pony Express riders made a two-hour ride from Guernsey to Hartville Feb. 6 to pick up Valentines that were placed in boxes throughout Platte County and Goshen County. Riders from left: Tony Goulart, Adahline Goulart, Stephanie Goulart, Alicia Goulart, Curt Artery, Tim Heer, Brent Weber and Mason Weber.

Year in Review

GUERNSEY - A lot of kids today have heard of FedEx, but there is a delivery organization that was started in 1860 and still carries mail today. They rode from Guernsey to Hartville Saturday morning in adverse conditions and the ride only took them two hours.

When you think about a FedEx plane that travels across the country in two hours, it may seem like a menial thing, but the horse-mounted riders who carried the mail in the 1800s were not only pioneers rising life and limb, but had such famous riders as Buffalo Bill Cody.

The organization eventually went bankrupt within 18 months, but the legendary riders and logos are still legends today. The Pony Express was also big in Wyoming and part of the original route from Missouri to California carried riders along the Platte River and went through towns such as Fr. Laramie, through what is now Guernsey and down to Green River.

According to Stephanie Goulart, one of the Pony Express riders, this group has been doing this ride for the past 15 years.


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