Platte County weathers first major snowfall of the new year

Last Wednesday Platte County was under a winter snow warning with blowing and drifting snow. Hazardous conditions cause the I-25 corridor to be closed from Wednesday – Thursday morning. The Dwyer Junction rest stop was also closed. (photo courtesy Shawna Reichert) The Town of Guernsey had snow accumulations of over a half foot of snow. With the warm weather that followed on Friday, most of the snow had melted by the weekend. (Second Photo courtesy Caleb Haase)

PLATTE COUNTY – If the new year winter comes in like a lion, perhaps it will go out like a lamb.

So far 2022 has provided Platte County with record-setting winds, bipolar temperatures and the latest in the saga which is winter in Wyoming’s new year was a snowfall that closed the I-25 corridor for 24 hours and canceled midweek activities.

According to Mike Jamski, national weather meteorologist in the Cheyenne regional station, snow totals varied in Platte County from just over a half-foot of snow in Guernsey to 16 inches of snow that was reported in Wheatland.

The winds and snow near Bordeaux caused cars off the road on I-25 and the eventual closure after a plow was rear-ended near mile marker 83. Blowing and drifting snow left visibilities in some areas to just 10 feet.

“The weather following should see upper air disturbances remain aloft and temperatures should warm up this next week without precipitation,” Jamski said. “The winds could pick up by midweek and we could see 40-50 miles per hour winds.”

Due to the warmer temperatures last Thursday the snow melted and then froze on roadways causing some slick driving conditions. By Friday the near-50-degree temperatures caused a slushy wet mess which, followed by the winds caused roads to be dry and easy to drive on.

Many sports, school and church activities were canceled both on Wednesday night and into Thursday.


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