Platte County Special Olympians receive funding to go to the state competition

PLATTE COUNTY – The Special Olympian Extravaganza was the brainchild of Kayla Dial-Robinett who is the leader and head coach for the Platte County Special Olympians. Although she spent countless hours with the kids figuring out ways to fund the chapter and then a week later, take the kids to Casper for the state competition.

“We raised $4,585 with this event,” Special Olympian Extravaganza organizer Dial-Robinett said. “We will profit roughly $3,000 after cost of the event.” 

The extravaganza came together in a few months’ time and after the annual Special Olympian Torch Run to help promote awareness and support for the kids, she rolled her sleeves up and wore two hats. Fundraising organizer and head softball coach.

A luau was the theme of this year’s extravaganza and welcome back after COVID. People came and filled Lewis Park with Hawaiian shirts, ate hamburgers cooked by the local police force and other tasty delights from the Windy Peaks food truck.

The Streetfire Band did a benefit concert while various vendors peddled their wares, kids danced to the music, there were sack races and it was a magical Saturday in the park.

Last Saturday the athletes headed to Casper to compete in Softball skills. They also had the opportunity to learn Bocce which was a new sport for them. The team did well and returned home with the hardware and after a little break, they will begin training for the fall season.

The athletes competed in Softball skills. 

“They did so amazing and had a ton of fun,” Dial-Robinett said.

The athletes who won awards were, Kyle Nash - first, Jaden Nash - second,  Steven Singleton - first, Eli Jaren - second, Jorden McClain - third, Kaitlyn Huston - first, Cherokee Huston - second

“Being being able to be a coach has always been a huge blessing in my life,” Dial-Robinett said. “Coming out and being able to watch these amazing athletes compete is truly heartwarming. I can always feel thats ball in my throat build as I choke back tears of joy watching them knock that ball across the field or as they cross that finish line. Each athlete is just so happy to be there that win or lose their smile never fades. I couldn’t be prouder of every single one of my athletes. They are truly inspiring and i can’t wait to see all they accomplish in our upcoming Fall season.”


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