Platte County Chamber reaches out to community

Mark DeLap/Guernsey Gazette The Platte County Chamber of Commerce has helped the small businesses with plans to preserve the past, pave the future and ensure that the pandemic of the present time does not cause irreparable damage. Through social media and being informed concerning plans that businesses can tap into for help, The Chamber is working overtime against the coronavirus.

PLATTE COUNTY – The Platte County Chamber of Commerce is staying true to its mission, promoting, supporting and being advocates of business. Especially during this pandemic.

One of the things it is doing is reaching out to businesses daily.

“The Chamber is keeping a current list of businesses and what they are doing such as curbside/delivery/takeout to their hours of operation,” said Shawna L Reichert, Executive Director. “We are sharing this list on our Facebook page and then sharing it to other groups on Facebook. We also have a group on Facebook for our Businesses to join called Five Towns, One Community, where we are sharing business resources such as the SBA loans. We have started the Let’s go on a Bear Hunt Event in our communities to help families and businesses.”

With many things upon the plates of many small businesses at this time to stay upright in an economy that has floundered very quickly, Reichert sees a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace at this time.

“I feel that our business climate right now is one of extreme uncertainty,” she said. “Businesses are doing everything they can right now to stay afloat. I have to say that I think the businesses in Platte County are doing a great job at being inventive and innovative.” 

A lot of economic development companies, bankers and independent lenders are scrambling in the wake of the virus to find creative ways to keep the country going without the loss of the backbone of the country, which is the small-business owners. Reichert said that the local banks are coming up with some ways to help people in need.

Should the virus continue to move with more force into Wyoming and into Platte County, the Chamber has some ideas that have already been put in place.

“The Chamber already had a plan in place when we found out about the pandemic,” Reichert said. “We created our Covid-19 Action Plan. Currently, we are on our third level which means:

• All functions of the Chamber will be postponed.

• The Chamber office will close.

• Chamber team will work remotely from home (phone calls and email).

As a community, many are finding ways to help and to pull together.

“I think the big take away I have had is we are working as one community to take care of each other,” she said. “Our communities are stepping up and helping one another like never before. We have people volunteering to go get groceries for the elderly to businesses using their connections to help with supplies that we are low on. I have seen Platte County’s heart this last week. I am so honored to work and live in a place like this. Together we will get through this and come out on the other side better than we went into it.”

For questions on community and business events or to find help for your business, please contact Shawna L Reichert at (307) 322-2322. 


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