P. C. EMS completes first year of service

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GUERNSEY--It’s been a little over a year since Platte County EMS has been the emergency response partner for the Town of Guernsey.

“We would like to thank the Town of Guernsey for the warm welcome into the community.  We have had amazing support from the community and Town Council and we have exceeded what we had hoped to accomplish”, said Robin Campbell, Manager of the EMS Service.

This year, the service has been able to accomplish the goals set forth by Platte County EMS and the Town of Guernsey - Providing effective and equitable emergency services for all Platte County communities and to minimize service interruptions to the Town of Guernsey through the transition.

In January 2018, an annual review of the EMS Service was completed using the Wyoming Office of Emergency Medical Services data that is extracted from the Wyoming Ambulance Trip Reporting System (WATRS).  All ambulance services are required to report data to the Wyoming Office of EMS through the WATRS system, thereby allowing the state to evaluate EMS programs across Wyoming and compare with national benchmarks.  It allows for data to be made available for in-depth analysis at any level.

The annual review showed:

* On average, emergency response times (from dispatch to arrival at the scene) have decreased from 11.35 minutes to 9.18 minutes.    The national benchmark for response times in a rural area is 20 minutes and in frontier areas is 30 minutes. 

* The number of calls in the Guernsey area increased from 72 in 2016 to 198 in 2017 – more than doubling from the previous year. 

* On scene times (the time from arriving on scene to the beginning of ambulance transport), has decreased from 30.36 minutes to 17.75 minutes, getting patients to the hospital for treatment more quickly.

* All ambulance services work to meet and exceed national benchmarks for response times. Emergency calls can be unpredictable and cause variation but over the past year, Platte County EMS has had a 96 percent success rate for meeting the response time benchmark.

* Platte County EMS has the responsibility for maintaining the ambulances leased from the Town of Guernsey.  A total of $6,901.00 was invested in the upkeep of those ambulances. 

“We were pleased to be able to present this information to the Town Council.  Our service has continued to grow and strengthen.  The partnership with the town has been tremendous and our commitment to all the communities we serve remains strong.  I’m looking forward to the coming year in the Guernsey area,” commented Robin Campbell. 

Banner is proud of the care model it has in place for providing a high level of Emergency Response with its exceptionally skilled responders. 

* Platte County EMS maintains an Advanced Life Support staffing model 24/7.  On each shift, they have a Paramedic or an EMT-I (two of the highest level of EMS practitioners).

* All Platte County EMS members are provided free educational opportunities – assisting with their ongoing training requirements to maintain licensure.  They also have access to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Neonatal Resuscitation certification trainings at no cost to them.

* One crew is assigned to Guernsey and one in Wheatland daily.  If there is a major transport from any of the covered communities, the remaining crew moves its primary location to a more central place so it can cover a broader area of the county quickly.

* Banner employs EMS Responders who live in Guernsey and they provide services two or more days per week.  These former volunteers continue to provide excellent patient care.

* Banner provides ambulance services for several communities in Colorado and Arizona.  With the strength of a larger group, they can initiate policies and processes that are evidence based and are a best practice. 

* Platte County EMS attends town events as requested and is available to partner with the Police Department and Guard Camp to provide them with training.

Over the next year, Platte County EMS plans to continue outreach to each of the communities it serves.  Currently, the department is partnering with the Town of Chugwater to provide “Emergency Responder” training two nights a week to any interested citizens from the Town of Chugwater.  This partnership will enhance the local emergency response capabilities within the town.

The department is also working on a format to increase the number of classes offered to the public. 

This includes Basic Life Support courses (CPR), First Aid, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  This program should be up and running by June of 2018.

Anyone interested in more information on starting a career in EMS is welcome to contact Banner at 307-534-7108 for additional information and resources. 

Please call 322-6427 for more information about courses offered through the EMS department.

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