Next stop, Mongolia for local 4-H member

Libby Logan tags a calf’s ear during branding on her stepdad’s place, the Tyler Cundall Ranch. Libby is used to hard work and is a long-time 4-H member. She is now just days away from leaving for a two-week adventure in Mongolia through a 4-H exchange program.

GUERNSEY--Most kids are happy to spend their summers with their friends, hanging out at the pool or the lake, maybe even making a little money at a part-time job.
But Libby Logan isn’t most kids--and this summer, she’s headed halfway around the world to spend two weeks in a country that most Americans probably couldn’t even find on a map. On June 15, Libby will be on her way to Mongolia, thanks to an exchange program through the 4-H organization.
Libby has excelled in her work in 4-H, a group she’s been associated with for eight years. Although she says she doesn’t truly remember just how she got started, she suspects it was at her mom’s urging that began with a comment like, “Hey, you should do this” and as a trusting eight-year old, Libby said, “Sure, why not?” She spent her first three years in 4-H in Fremont County and the past five after moving to Platte County. But Libby says that she has had a lot of fun and learned a lot in 4-H. As she tells it, she’s learned social skills and how to work hard while participating in a variety of areas that 4-H offers. “4-H has made me work for something I want (to compete) and it’s also taught me how to talk to others and make new friends.”
Very much an animal person, Libby has goats, chickens and horses, all of which she has spent a great deal of time with, working to compete with others at the county and state fairs. But even though she loves her critters, shooting sports are her favorite. Two years ago, Libby was a statewide champion in several shooting categories at a competition with other 4-H members.
The opportunity to apply for the exchange program was another suggestion prompted by her mom. “She was scrolling the website and saw the exchange program and after reading it, said, “Here--you should do this.” After Libby read about it, that’s what she thought too and is now just days away from making the dream a reality. Libby will be traveling with other 4-H members from Wyoming. Some will be headed to other destinations through the program. Libby will get to experience what life is really like in a country that is much different from what she’s used to. She will be spending most of her time in the capital city Ulaanbaatar with a population of about 1.5 million people. They will make also make trips to other areas that are more rural and nomadic. She has done some background reading about Mongolia and is anxious to see what life is like there. She is very much looking forward to experiencing life in a foreign country and is well aware that most people her age don’t have this kind of opportunity.
Of course the price tag is the toughest part and Libby has been working hard to pay for her trip. She has art work for sale displayed at Twisters and any donations are appreciated. An account to help with the cost of her trip has been set up at First State Bank.
As the day to leave comes closer, the excitement builds but this is a kid who knows what she wants and has worked hard to get it.
About to experience something that is a once in a lifetime event, Libby is ready for the challenge. No doubt she will make the most of it.


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