New director at helm of County Senior Services

By Mark DeLap

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PLATTE COUNTY –The Platte County Services for Seniors has pushed forward without missing a beat in the deepening shadow of the coronavirus. Meals on Wheels has plans to go curbside if the virus furthers the quarantine and now at the forefront of the organization is new executive director, Gene Bordelon.

Bordelon hails from Louisiana and describes himself as Louisiana Cajun. He was born in the small farming community of Hessmer and as a child, moved to the bigger metropolis of Alexandria. It was there in the midst of 3,000 students that he graduated from Bolton High School in 1960.

“I began work while in high school at Kroger Food Stores,” Bordelon said. “I started out as a bag boy, and shortly thereafter I was really active in other areas and then went to stocking. After two years of stocking, and before I graduated, I was a stock manager of Kroger Food Store in Alexandria.”

As he moved up the ranks, Bordelon became a co-manager and then on to become a manager. Tackling jobs with great success and moving up the ladder is just a part of his signature.

After working a full career in management, Bordelon retired and as most retired people do, went back to work.

“In Oregon, I was retired and I went to work for a casino,” Bordelon said. “It was just across the state line in California and I worked there for two years.”

Bordelon, who was making a 30-mile one-way commute to his job, had an opportunity with a new skill set. It was a position working with seniors and it was in close proximity to where he was living. It would be the prototype and give him the two years of experience that he would need to one day come to Wheatland to work for the Platte County Services for Seniors.

“The services here are hard to beat,” he said. “I am planning on basically getting out and bringing information as to what we do to the different organizations in Platte County.  I will be visiting council meetings and clubs to let them know what we are doing.

“A lot of people don’t realize a senior center like this, with Meals on Wheels in home services saves the county, the state and the federal government.”

The Services for Seniors center has several activities including games, social interaction, a dining room and much more. For more information on this organization, you can call their office at (307) 322-3424, or set up an appointment to meet the new executive director.   


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