New Banner Capital Bank president is in it for the long haul

GUERNSEY – Casper born Curtis McCabe travels many miles and through adverse conditions to make a difference in Guernsey.

Although born in Casper, McCabe moved to Cheyenne with his family when he was 3 years old and spent the majority of his youth in southeastern Wyoming. He graduated from Cheyenne East High School and most of his McCabe family started out in Torrington.

He is a fourth-generation Wyoming McCabe and as the family was ensconced in agricultural roots, it lent itself well to the career that he has now.

While in high school McCabe was very well-rounded, and participated in orchestra playing violin (which he still owns to this day), vocational ag, FFA and had a lot of experience with the Wyoming 4H program.

“I had my own little flock of sheep that I raised and showed,” McCabe said. “It was my responsibility, and my parents will tell you that I was out there with them every day and it was my financial obligation. I had a job and I worked to support my gas and my sheep project.”

You could say he became an ag entrepreneur while in high school. He has participated in the Laramie County Fair and has taken many trips to the Wyoming State Fair to do livestock judging or showing sheep as well as other trips and opportunities he had in all things ag.

After high school, McCabe went on to get an ag and animal science degree from Colorado State and it was at a time when UW was going through some ag changes that didn’t appeal to him. Although McCabe was originally looking to get a veterinarian degree, he said life took a different turn for him.

“Post-college I was in Wyoming extension for a while as a 4H educator in Laramie County back at the program I grew up in,” McCabe said. “I was approached by Banner Capital and they said they needed someone who understood ag. They were looking for an ag guy who knew how to handle cattle and crops and could deal with the people.”

McCabe has been with Banner Capital Bank for almost four years, but he was at the Harrisburg, Nebraska, location to start. 

“When the bank approached me about taking this position,” McCabe said, “their first words were ‘we’ve already done the math, it’s 42 miles to Harrisburg and 46 miles to Guernsey, would you consider our opportunity?’” 

The McCabe family currently lives in Morrill, Nebraska. 

“There’s generally that 45 minutes to an hour on the road twice a day,” McCabe said. “But the unique thing about my job is, this is just an office. My customers and my place of business is out on their place of business. Whether it’s farm and ranch, downtown businesses, that’s what my job’s about. It’s about the service, it’s about the hands on one-on-one with the borrower, with the customer. It’s all about the relationship.”

McCabe works with both agriculture and commercial loans.

The McCabe family plays as hard as they work and love to go camping, fishing and kayaking and as McCabe said, they are outdoor people. They have three boys.


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