Multiple winners share Big Bucks Bingo rewards

Big Bucks Bingo draws crowds

GUERNSEY—Bingo—the simple game where, upon the successful matching of a called set of number-letter combinations to an entrants’ game card, one person shouts “Bingo” and the remaining competitors shout various expletives. Fortunately, not always and not Saturday night as the annual Big Bucks Bingo fundraiser provided plenty of positive outcome for both those who attended and those who are members of the Guernsey-Sunrise Junior-Senior High Band.

Approximately 100 locals turned out to support their efforts and the night proved to be a great success. Nathan Beutler, band director, said the group raised approximately $1,500 that will cover the costs of performance trips the band will be making later this year.

Juan Sierra claimed the top prize in the Bingo games, winning the evening’s final game requiring a complete card black out for $500. Denise Quick and Louis Palato split the $250 prize for $125 each, also a black out game. Renee Eagleton won the $50 game.

Winners of the $25 games included Melissa Howe (twice), Bev Haynes, Melva Palato, Misty Morales, Renee Eagleton, Cheryl Quick, Dan Tonjes, Dianne Sisson, Johnna Carey, David Salazar, Tyler Schiele, Leann Elmore, Ciara Salazar and Christian Cooper.

Band members as well as some of their parents volunteered their time to host the event. In addition to the Bingo card sales, the group also pocketed the profits from the sale of donated chili, desserts and drinks made available throughout the evening. They also sold tickets for a 50/50 cash raffle that took in $400. The lucky winner of that $200 prize drawing was Diana Collar.

Ray VanNatter, a band parent, served as the emcee for the evening, calling the Bingo numbers and announcing winners for the various donated gift certificate door prizes from Crazy Tony’s. Twisters and Ben’s Bar.

Gift certificate winners included Kathy Sierra, Denise Quick, Robyn Mason, Alan Monger, Leann Elmore, DreAnna Elmore, Heather Dittmer, Ciara Salazar and Liesl Sisson.

Band members got a bonus when the evening’s biggest winners, Sierra and Collar, returned a portion of their winnings back to the fundraiser.

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