Milking wild cows just part of the Glendo Rodeo

GLENDO – Have you ever had a wild hair to milk a wild cow? Glendo may just be the place to satisfy that hankering. 

Glendo Ranch Rodeo will be coming up this weekend, July 3 at 2 p.m. at the Glendo Rodeo Arena. 

The teams will include a four-man team that will compete in different events. The first event the team will have to milk a wild cow, mark a calf and brand the yearling, this is all done in a time limit with a loop limit on each animal. 

The next event is the team sorting, they sort the animals in the order their number is called, animals must be sorted in order and cannot come back over the line or it’s a disqualification. It’s a tough event because the cattle always want to come back. 

The last event is the trailer loading, the team is given a number and they have to rope the yearling and get it loaded along with two horses, also in a time limit. 

“This is such a great event we get a great crowd and some wonderful teams competing,” said the Glendo Rodeo organizers. “We have been hosting this this rodeo since 2000. Our first rodeo because we didn’t have an arena then was done out at the Glendo airport with portable panels.” 

The volunteers then went out and got donations by asking area ranchers for a donation to help build the arena. The donation included having their brand put on the arena which can be seen on the Northwest side of the arena. 

Many people use the arena which traditionally has been a great asset for the community. There are people needing to overnight and have their animals in a safe place, and Glendo fits the bill.

The Glendo Rodeo Committee is always looking for more volunteers to help with events in the community, reach out to Gene Daly or Tim Millikin. 

The unconventional events are different and exciting to watch. Another warm weekend is predicted, so bringing sunscreen is advised.



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