Mamas let your babies grow up to be shortstops

GUERNSEY – The third week of the Tri-City Parks and Recreation T-ball league is in the books and tomorrow night will be the final Wednesday night of the season. There will also be a free hot dog meal for the first 100 players, parents and fans after the game.

The kids who come in a wide array of styles and sometimes outfits have been learning from the mentorship of some fine coaches who take the time to teach as well as encouraging them to be successful. 

Some of the older kids have an actual pitcher pitching to them and some of the younger kids are learning hand/eye coordination by hitting the baseball of a tee. There are no official “outs” as each kid comes to bat and stays in the batter’s box until they get a hit.

When that crack of the bat signals contact made with the ball, the real fun begins for parents who begin to cheer as if it’s a World Series game and it triggers big smiles from the kids. They learn the art of running bases, fielding the ball and hitting as well as playing together as a team.

Every child knows the thrill of running the 90 feet around the bases and the feeling of crossing home plate. Some with a skip, a jump and a two-footed hop resembling a gymnast sticking the dismount.

“We have 20 players,” said Tri-City Parks and Recreation T-ball coach, Lori Morales. “Last night we actually had 21 split between two teams. We have one team of 10 and one team of 11.”

According to Morales, everyone gets a position in the field and everyone gets a turn at bat each inning.  The age group ranges from 3 to 7 and is coed. 

“We didn’t have enough players in Guernsey to have a minor league team,” Morales said. “And so we just brought them back and they are playing as our stronger players for the younger ones.”

Other coaches that are helping in the program are Shane Morales, Randi Albrecht and Andrew Krieschel.


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