Local artist transforms home into an art gallery for specialty craft show

A talented photographer and artist who graduated from Wheatland High School in the ‘80s has combined here talents for art and photography and created an eclectic gallery in her home for a specialty art and craft show Nov. 30.

WHEATLAND – Wheatland resident Stephanie Bayne Wilson, who owns Steph Bayne Photography & Paint collaborated with another local artist, Ruth Moyte who owns Mustard Seed Faithwear to create what was called a “Pop-up Holiday Open House” on the last day of November.

The team of Bayne and Moyte transformed Bayne’s residence into an eclectic art gallery that featured crafts, photos, paintings, clothing and jewelry just to name a few things.

Items were hand-crafted, designed and painted holiday home décor and gifts along with photographic art pieces. The clothing line by Moyte featured faith-inspired lounge and workout apparel for women which included leggings, hoodies, t-shirts and joggers along with homemade bling to accessorize their outfits.

According to Bayne, she was supposed to attend and sell her items at the annual Aspen & Sage Market Days at the Grand Encampment Opera House which is one of the bigger arts shows in Wyoming. Due to weather, it was impossible for those on the eastern side of the state to get through with the blizzard conditions.

Instead, Moyte and Bayne came up with a kind of last minute idea to create their own mini Grand Encampment show in Wheatland.

The show ran from 4 – 7 p.m. and was publicized on social media and word-of-mouth. When you walked in, it was as if you were attending a holiday party with holiday crafts on tables, on the floors and hung with great care on the walls. Once inside, if you were interested in, for instance, the photos or paintings, Bayne would give a type of gallery tour to show the items that were for sale.

There were also light hors d'oeuvre along with cider or wine in the kitchen. The event was similar to an upscale wine tasting party and gallery review. The hosts saw a good amount of people come through and perhaps it is a new tradition started in Wheatland with home galleries and open houses.

The twist being, you get a chance not only to meet the artists and hosts, but also can get a feel of the comfort of a home setting with friends and family.

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