Local and state American Legion Riders participate to remember

GUERNSEY – Nick and Alise Schwab are a husband and wife that ride Harley-Davidsons together. They say that the marriage that rides together bides together.

They are also part of an elite group of riders called the American Legion Riders. This group is instrumental in leading the many parades and participating in all things patriot in Wyoming.

Nick Schwab is also the director for the ALR Chapter 95 in Guernsey. The riders from Guernsey are going to participate in a July 26 ride sponsored by the Casper College Veterans Club and the name of the ride is “Remembering Our Fallen.”

“This is a memorial similar to the traveling Vietnam wall,” Schwab said. “But it’s for the 9/11 veterans forward. Not to exclude Vietnam, but the memorial is for the veterans who died since 9/11.”

The date is the distinction date between the Vietnam War and the wars that occurred after 9/11 that started with Desert Storm. Schwab says that the cutoff is a pretty good mark in time and a good choice. 

The riders, which Schwab estimates may be 40 to 50 bikers will begin the ride at 9 a.m. in Torrington at the Western Travel Terminal and will have law enforcement officers to escort the group through town toward Lingle.

From there the group will go west on Highway 26 and proceed to the Camp Guernsey gate where they will pick up riders and continue on toward Highway 25 north on their way to Glendo where they may stop to refuel. The ETA for the bikers to come through Guernsey is 9:45 a.m. This may change with traffic or delays.

They will pass through both Douglas and Glenrock before continuing on to their destination, Casper College. where they should arrive somewhere around 1 p.m.

The ride is a nationally recognized memorial that is being brought to Casper and riders have the unique opportunity to honor the “Remember Our Fallen” memorial and escort it from Torrington in the 150 mile ride.

“The rest of the story is Aug. 5, they are going to leave Casper College and head for Sturgis to display this memorial in Sturgis,” Schwab said. “I’ll meet up with them in Sundance, with the Iron Horse clan, and we will escort that with flags and head into Sturgis.”

That entourage will arrive to Sturgis on the first day of the rally.

For more information about this event, you can visit the organization on Facebook at: Casper College Veterans Escort 2020 Stage 1. You may also contact Nick Schwab with any questions at: [email protected]




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