Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
After reading the pre-eclipse issue of your newspaper, I realized how much time and effort the city of Guernsey put into preparing for an onslaught of eclipse visitors. As one of those visitors, I want to thank everyone for making our eclipse weekend experience so easy and pleasant.  Everyone in town was so nice and helpful -- from the guy who rang up our groceries to the folks at the gas station, the vendors and the women juggling camping reservations at the golf course.
We camped 2 nights by the river and greatly appreciated those portapotties nearby, especially since they were cleaned and stocked every day! I noticed the police and others driving through our camping area to monitor our safety.   I saw the firefighters around town ready if needed. From the newspaper I see that there were preparations for folks who might need healthcare attention. I couldn’t help but smile when townsfolk waved from their porches, and I waved back.  
I heard from a friend about your wonderful Visitors Center with lots of books and information, so we will be sure to go there next time -- and there will be a next time!
Thanks again to everyone in Guernsey. I hope you all got to enjoy the amazing eclipse as much as we did.


Kate Kerr
Lyons Colorado



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