Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary rescues 100 beagles and Ariana Grande’s three little pigs

Valery Yuravak is a new dog domesticator working and living at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary assigned to work with dogs that have been rescued. Currently she is in charge of 13 dogs.

2021 Year in Review

HARTVILLE – It’s not a children’s tale, but the three little pigs that John Ramer rescued and rehomed at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary were the result of a coordinated rescue by Ramer and singer, songwriter and actress, Ariana Grande.

John Ramer, executive director at Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary popped into the national spotlight last fall when he was contacted by Tia Torres who has a show on Animal Planet called “Pit Bulls & Parolees. He was asked to join her in an animal rescue in Texas.

Recently Ramer has gone back to Texas in another project that saved 100 beagles from being euthanized at a laboratory where they were being tested. The task seemed impossible to most sanctuaries and would prove too costly for the laboratory to rehome all of them and decided to go with their best financial bottom line, which was to euthanize the dogs.