It’s not the 80s yet Wheatland goes back in time to Cruisin’ the streets

 WHEATLAND – Very positive things have come forth from the midst of all the fear that this pandemic has brought upon the world. The mandated quarantines and social distancing have caused people to stretch beyond their limits. It has set free the creative and pulled back the veil upon who we really are when our backs are to the wall.

It’s caused us to look beyond borders, think out of the proverbial boxes and even caused those with the need for crazy cabin fever to color outside the lines.

And we’ve cried. We’ve worried. We’ve even feared. But our strength has been in our laughter. And in the face of this killer, we’ve reared our heads back and actually laughed out loud at the memes, the comedic responses to the quarantine and with each other. Not at each other. But with.

It is said that laughter and a joyful heart is like medicine. We have learned to “dose” each other with a levity that defies the sorrow.

The people of our county have thrown up ideas with excitement instead of throwing up their hands in desperation. And if you look closely you will see sleeves rolled up and the heart of this people ready to work.

One such idea that brought fun and a road trip out of stagnation was The Cruise Friday nights in downtown Wheatland. The idea was thrown out by local entrepreneur Genia Vineyard who owns ‘Simply Creative.’

“It was an idea I saw on a post from another friend who owns a business in Kansas,” Vineyard said. “We start every Friday night at 7 p.m. and it goes for about an hour. We go up and down South Street like most of us did in high school.”

The grassroots parade then turns onto Water Street and then back to South Street via 10th street. There are no rules besides obviously safe driving and staying in your vehicle to maintain social distancing, she mentions.  

“We plan on every Friday night until it fizzles out, I guess,” Vineyard said and continues with a laugh, “it was just an idea to get people out and socialize safely. This was our entertainment in the 80s here in Wheatland.”

The participants cruising has included a large number of restored cars and trucks. The feedback about the memories it brings back has been overwhelming. People have come from all over the county to participate, and with gas prices low and nowhere else to go, it’s an incredible idea at an infamous time.

“It’s a way to bring our community together safely during a time of uncertainty,” she said. “I hope more will join us next Friday night.”

And in this time of uncertainty, when adversity whispers into our ears to give up and die, we refuse to have a funeral procession.  We have, however decided to have a parade.

Bravo Platte County.  To quote the Harry Richman song title, “I LOVE A