Hunger Action Day observed in Guernsey

GUERNSEY - Thursday, Sept. 10, was Hunger Action Day all over America and Guernsey was well represented.

“Any building, monument, statue, structure, or sign that is illuminated can lean In and Light Up Orange,” said food service director for Platte Co. No. 2 in Guernsey, Dawndrea Daly. “Wyomingites are encouraged to wear orange, tie an orange ribbon around their lampposts, or change their porch lights to orange to show support for local hunger relief efforts and to spark a conversation about hunger.”

It’s just one of many ways communities across the state can help participate in Hunger Action Month and help end hunger in the state of Wyoming one meal at a time.

Go Orange on Hunger Action Day photos were shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #HungerAction and tagging Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies(@WyomingFoodBankOfTheRockies).

There are several ways to help raise awareness this month to help shine a light on hunger:

• Visit

• Like Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, your local pantry and Feeding America on Facebook

• Donate your Facebook status to hunger

• Go Orange and update your Facebook and Twitter avatar to show your support of hunger-relief

• Share a hunger fact with your friends

• Send a postcard to your local elected official and speak up for national nutrition programs

• Volunteer at your hunger-relief organization

“In the midst of COVID-19, in Wyoming alone, one in four children are experiencing hunger so it is important to continue growing efforts to connect families with healthy food,” Daly said. “Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies and its partners across the state are promoting hunger awareness throughout the month of September.” 

Those interested in volunteering or donating can contact the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies by emailing: [email protected] to find more information and get involved. 

“As far as the waiver, I had missed all the phone conferences with the other directors and the State WDE due to the fact I was still serving meals throughout the summer,” Daly said. “When I heard the USDA had passed an extension, I filled out the waiver for a closed enrolled site, which means face to face and virtual students as opposed to open site which we ran this summer, which allowed anyone 18 and under. I am excited that this passed, I’m a firm believer a good meal is as important as a good book when it comes to learning and you can’t teach a hungry child.” 

This waiver means all students K-12 are free to eat breakfast and lunch until Dec. 31. Ala carte items such as milk still must be charged out and bills incurred before the Sept. 8 date still must be paid.

“I’m honestly not sure why any of the schools wouldn’t fill out the waiver and take advantage of this opportunity,” Daly said. “Every grant or new thing that comes along, I apply for not only because it will be a new experience for our students but why not, the worst thing that can happen is they will say no and that is only more reason to try again. The students are the reason I do what I do, I have a grandson that is a junior and a granddaughter that is only three so the better I can make things for them and all the students the better”

Daly also said this year has been a year for the record books so if we can make it easier by feeding the students for free then so be it especially in the midst of families that have been affected by the railroad layoff and pandemic.


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