Homecoming Week in Guernsey

It was Homecoming Week in Guernsey

Hc1 The Guernsey homecoming week began with students and faculty dressing up in different time periods. On Power Pep Wednesday, the dress ‘O the day was “the ‘70s” and the activities began with the annual Powder Puff football classic. Pictured carrying the ball is Juliana Schiele. The Brown team beat the white team for the championship.

Hc2 Bradley Robey and Caleb Christensen sit in the bleachers and enjoy the power puff game. You can tell the excitement that it is homecoming week at Guersney-Sunrise School.

Hc3 Music director Matt Hebert dressed up as a ‘70’s rocker for the pep rally. Hebert directs the choir at GSHS and is often called upon to sing the national anthem.

Hc4 The homecoming dance was held Saturday night and as most guys are beginning to learn, they have to play the waiting game outside the women’s restroom for their dates who are standing in front of a mirror making sure every hair is in place.

Hc5 While the girls play in the powder puff football game, the boys team up and play in the Peachfuzz volleyball games. After the guys duke it out, the all-star students take on the faculty and former student Caleb Haase said, “the teachers always win because they cheat.” Shop teacher Troy Reichert just smiled. Pictured is sophomore Philyp Morales.

Hc6 The Vikings have instituted cheerleaders this year and at the homecoming game Friday night against Pine Bluffs, the cheerleaders brought the heat on a very cold and rainy September night. Ninth-grade cheerleader Karley Lehman is on the cheer squad this year.

Hc7 Royalty was crowned at the Guernsey-Sunrise high school football game halftime show. Shown here are seniors Paige Andrews and Caleb Christensen or “Father Tree” as they lovingly call him.

Hc8 The junior homecoming princess and prince for this year were Rylie Thompson and Aidan Noggle who had to come out of the locker room to be crowned.

Hc9 Sophomore royalty were Liberty Whitebird and Nathan Van Natter, the “Nattenator.”

Hc10 Ninth-grade royalty crowned last Friday night were Keirstyn Collar and Taylor Sterner.

Hc11 Seventh-grade royalty crowned last Friday night were Ally Ann Jaramillo and Allen Valtierra.

Hc12 Assistant volleyball coach Scottina Haase shows off her volleyball serving skills while sporting a ‘70s poncho.

Hc13 Eighth-grade royalty crowned at the halftime of last week’s homecoming football game were Drymond Jaramillo and Jayden Wagner-Gross.

It was Homecoming Week in Guernsey


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