Guernsey-Sunrise elementary students shouting 'BINGO'

In celebration reaching their reading goals, Mrs. Stephanie Smith’s first-graders at Guernsey-Sunrise elementary school had a bingo and snacks party. Pictured: Kiarah Atwood, Randi Raye Breathwit, Kelley Conner, Sophie Dockter, Wesley Falen, Kinslee Fertig, Landon Green, Kyla Groombridge, Maverick Huey, Rhett McConahay, Kiser Myers, Ivy Offe, Rosalie Stevens, Connor Unwin, Taryn Walker and Tessa Hillers

GUERNSEY – The first-grade class at Guernsey-Sunrise schools had a well-deserved time of classroom partying after having completed their reading goals.

The first grade joined the Rally to Read 100 books before Read Across America Day which is scheduled for 2022 March 2. They not only achieved this goal, but the students accepted the challenge and reached their goal before Halloween!

“We have a new goal to reach 300 books by Saint Patrick's day,” said Guernsey-Sunrise first grade teacher Stephanie Smith. “If they do that, we are going to reward the students with a pizza party.”

According to the Rally to Read website, “Rally to Read 100 is OUR rally cry to YOU! Join Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) to foster a love of reading for children across the country. Celebrating 56 years of supporting children’s literacy and reaching the milestone of serving our 100 millionth child, RIF and our partners want to unite our nation’s children to read.

“There is no better time to rally for reading! Take the pledge to read 100 books (a class, family, student or anyone can take the pledge), tune in each month for read-alouds and activities featuring amazing authors and illustrators, and be sure to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win 100 books for your school or organization.”

The students who earned the Bingo and snacks party enjoyed several games of Bingo with the games continuing until every student won at least one game. For the individual game winners, goodie bags were prepared by Smith and several parents who were on hand to help out.

The snacks and the day had a “pink flamingo” theme.


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