Guernsey Police Department creates new community activity

GUERNSEY – “I’m lovin’ them,” said Guernsey Mayor Nick Paustain about his police force Oct. 3 at the inaugural “Dunk-a-Cop,” which was an idea put into action by new Police Chief David Smith.

The novel idea of renting a dunk tank and letting the community take throws to try to sink an officer is quite different from the national normal of late which has taken not only a dim view of law enforcement, but the violence inflicted upon officers has skyrocketed.

Smith said that when he came on board as police chief, he wanted to do some positive things in the community that would create a greater bond between the town and the local men in blue. The idea was to create a social interaction with the community where they could view law enforcement not only as men in uniform, but also fellow community members able to hang out and have a good time together.

“I am excited and I think it’s a lot of fun,” said Guernsey police officer Trampus Glover. “I also want to have a better relationship with the community and have it to where they can trust us and they know they can count on us to help them.”

The event began at 10 a.m. and although it spanned into a warm afternoon, the hydrant water initially was cold and the 50-degree weather accentuated the degree of difficulty as officers were cannon-balling into the icy plunge.

As for the pecking order as to who sat on the hot-seat first, Smith said, “I’m going up probably last, but some people have requested me, so whenever they get here, I’m going up.”

Within a half-hour at the event, Davis Park was beginning to fill up, there were lawn chairs, drawings for gift certificates and people eagerly awaiting the shrieks as the bodies fell into the cool water. 

“This was a great idea,” Paustian said. “Hopefully someone can hit that spot on one out of every five throws so we can get these guys a little bit wet. I’m real happy with everything that’s going on.”

Gift card winners were: Kris Shaw, who won the $25 gift card, Sheila Oliver won the $50 gift card and Robin Lee won the $100 gift card.


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